Cancer girl missing Virgo guy

  • I am a Cancer girl born in 1993 and I have a huge crush on a Virgo guy born in 1989. I met him because we were in the same class at a community college and both took the bus to get there. He seemed more original and genuine than any guy I've ever met. We would always trade jokes; we have the same sense of humor, and he was adorable. I lectured him, though, about never doing his homework or even trying. (Also, our teacher was a huge jerk). I didn't mean to hurt him, but I think I scared him off. He hasn't been on the bus or at class for 2 weeks now. I know it's silly, but I can't forget him. Do you think he left because he doesn't care, or might he miss me? Also, are our signs compatible if I do see him? Any insights appreciated. Thanks

  • I don't think you did someting so horrible that he would stop going to his class and find a whole new means of transportation. It seems as though he has some personal issues going on in his life right now...but I highly doubt it was you. Maybe he likes you....its hard to know when you can't see him. So maybe you should just try and forget about him and if you see him again and still like him...go from where you left off.............

  • Thanks so much for your help. I think you're right. I do still like him, but if I don't see him again I guess it WOULD be unwise to dwell......anyway, thanks!!

  • You're very welcome...Best wishes!

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