does my placement seem fit for a taurus

  • Scorpio sun & mercury
    libra moon
    sag Venus
    Virgo mars

    our connection is so strong I just wanna know why when we first met we seemed liked total opposites

  • Can you give the exact dates?

  • Oct 25 may 3

  • This post is deleted!

  • This seems more like the scenario of opponents rather than friends. Yet the two of you have a great deal in common. Unfortunately, your common traits and talents tend not to coalesce and augment the relationship but rather to diminish it. The sticking point is generally the issue of authority: both of you have a strong need to be the authority figure or, more particularly, the teacher, and to have others listen to you. Argument, criticism and disagreement are likely to keep you two from moving in a positive direction. A love affair, friendship or marriage here may be less dominating and combative but will usually be just as competitive. All types of relationship can prove difficult, but marriage is perhaps the best bet of the three, since your strong energies will be grounded there by shared daily tasks and responsibilities. In certain cases, a lifelong truce is possible, with aggressive instincts being sublimated or directed outward, against other couples or individuals. An affair will tend to be either passionate or prosaic, with an emphasis on frankness and open physicality, and little likelihood of deeper feelings or sympathy.

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