Confusing Libra man

  • Hey! So I met a Libra man in April this year (I'm a Gem).

    It's a LONG one, sorry!

    We met at a bar and had a one night stand. When I was about to leave in the morning, he was being super nice, no weird awkwardness after that 'night' and showing me he added me on FB. Honestly, I did not pay attention much as for me it was just a one time thing AND we currently live in different countries (I was about to leave the next day).

    But he started messaging me and at first I still didn't think much of it for the given reasons. But 2-3 weeks in, I was hooked. I am seriously almost never interested in anyone, but this guy, he started to intrigue me. Probably because we got on from the moment we met, we can banter and he makes me laugh. He was definitely super chatty during the first month. So after 4-5 weeks I flew back home for a week (he's from there as well). When I was over there, he was constantly asking what I was up to, so I always let him know and was asking to meet him as well, but he kept going back and forth, making silly excuses. I got pissed, so wasn't really hoping to meet him again, maybe replying to him here and there. So on my last night, he becomes super chatty again. Let's meet up, ah I'm going home already, do you wanna see me later? ah I'm sleepy already. - so I got mad again - bursted all out asking what's his issue and saying that he obviously doesn't want to see me, stop playing games. 20 minutes later he called me - he had come to pick me up and take me home. What! And I left the country again the next day.

    So the chatting went on once I got back. I mean he's kinda short-spoken, but we still spoke a lot. He teased me, he talks and asks about the future plans. At one point he got jokingly pissed and said - "well I do like you and I like 1 out of 100000. I would like to see where this could go, but I don't know what to do, you're SO far away." Makes absolute sense. Should I believe him saying he likes me and wants to see where it goes? Or is this typical of Libra men. He kept asking when am I flying to see him, that he can even buy me a ticket or whatever.

    Anyway, after a few weeks he seemed to get distant. Not so much chatting and banter, but even more short-spoken. Sometimes even three days would pass without him replying and eventually saying 'he was busy' or 'there's been so much shit going on', 'he hasn't been much on the phone' and 'he's just having a very low time at the moment'. Okay, understandable. I gave him space and didn't want to bother. So it went back to the 'what's up' messages from me or him from time to time. Sometimes he'll just send me pictures or videos of what he's up to, or pictures of him.

    So I went to my home country again. Week prior he got super chatty again. 'Let's make plans', 'come and cuddle with me', 'let me know what you'd want to do, I'll make it happen'.
    As soon as I got there, he was constantly messaging me. I mean kind of makes sense as we're actually in the same city. On my second day he was asking what I was up to, so I said I was at a friend's place. 'Okay, let's meet on another day then'. I was like, okay, here we go again and just replied with 'ok'. He kept going on 'how long are you staying there', I replied and he went again 'ok, some other day'. I go back with 'ok', trying not to give a shit. (What is up with that back and forth, like he hints he might be available, wants to see me. If I agree, then he finds an excuse, but if I'm over it, he's there and up for it!!!????) And then he invites me to the city for a quick drink. So he was in the bar with his friend and I joined them for a few drinks. Ended up going to his place (no sex).
    He was that charming guy again in the morning, teasing me and both of us bantering. Wanted to take me out to eat and then drove me to my friend's place. In the car he kept saying let's make plans for the next days, asking when am I moving back, telling me how beautiful I am.
    He kept constantly messaging over the next days.

    So we met again two days after. Once again we meet up and he has another two friends with him. Do Libras easily introduce you to their friends or am I looking to much into this? We were out, had fun and I went to his place again. Once again, no sex. Kind of weird, as it wouldn't be our first time. I mean, it'd be different for me as our first time was a hookup and now was in his bed after I've actually grown to have feelings for him, so it is a bit scary. Not sure if it might be the same case with him?!

    And we met again few days after. I was out with my friend, he invited me over to his friend's place. He was all cute and charming again. He left before me as we stayed in opposite sides of the city (and I couldn't go to his place that night). Apparently, when he left, he had asked my friend if she thinks I'm gonna have sex with his friend. What the hell does that mean? You don't have sex with me, but then you reckon I might sleep with your best friend? Unfortunately, I had to stay over as I was literally unable to get a taxi for ages. Stayed on the couch, though his friend was inviting me to sleep in his bed. HELL NO!

    So I was in the country for another two-three days, he was b a r e l y messaging me. When I said let's go out for dinner and do something, he ignored and replied with something totally different. I asked him to come and say bye to me at the airport, but hooours later he replied he'd gone to visit his family. It's kinda like, I understand you have stuff to do, but we had two-three days more to meet, you know I'm leaving soon and you do not want to make an effort?! I'm just super confused. Especially, because we really didn't have one on one time except for the nights and mornings at his place. Other times we were surrounded by his or mine friends.

    As I was in the airport, he did message me when am I coming back to visit him again and if I'm hopefully gonna move back. I replied and asked him to come and visit me as well, he said he might be able to come next month or the one after. Let's see. I'm not sure about his words, I want to see his actions.

    I've been back home for three days now. Did message him two days ago what he was up to, he replied with a video but ignored all other questions. I mean, I understand he can be more distant when I'm far away. But I'm just wondering if it's even worth it.

    I mean people are different, but if anyone has any advice about this guy, then please!! I've tried to read a lot about Libras, but I'm still so confused and have no idea if he's even interested or should I just give up. Has he lost interest or is he in 'deciding' phase. Should I message him to see how he's doing or should I see whether he'll text me?

    Btw, I AM moving back in a few months or so - so not pursuing just LDR. He said he likes 1 out of 10000 and same goes for me, which is why I'm hoping to get some insight about this. I don't want to get more invested if any of you believe he's done with me.

  • I would have been out when he wanted me to sleep with his friend. That is a major warning sign that he is not that into you exclusively. Cut your loses and leave.

  • @nadia223
    Ask yourself this....putting astrological sun signs aside...does his behavior exhibit that of someone who really likes you and wants to see you? He sounds extremely immature. It's up to you if you want to see if it goes somewhere when you move back home, but I doubt moving will change his behavior.

  • I get the feeling he is not serious about having a relationship with you . If he were, he would care to know you even when you’re not in town , he definitely wouldn’t be suggesting you sleep with his friends, and he would be so distant when you try to talk to him . You can find much better. He seems to be keeping his options open if anything .

  • Just for clarification, he didn’t ask her to sleep with his friend or suggest it. He asked HER friend if she would when he was leaving her at his friend’s house which sounds like he was jealous and/or just very insecure.

  • @watergirl18 I guess I read it differently but yeah , still , he isn’t showing he likes her that much

  • My feeling is you should forget him and move on.

    It’s not just his sun sign, other aspects play an important role.

    For example I’m a libra with my moon in Pisces and I have just met a guy who is a Libra with his moon in Capricorn. He seems loyal and no disrespect , but if I had slept with him by now then I don’t think he would be respecting me the way he is. I’m not being judgemental.

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