What crystal goes with chakra

  • Can anyone shed light and share what they know about crystals and chakras?
    Would wearing rose quarts be a good thing and what will it help?

  • @jayann
    Crystals and Chakras are so very personal depending on what is of value to you right now .. they are two different systems which can merge to give an overall holistic aspect to your own health ...

    Chakras the basic 7 (there are more but start with the basic 7 )
    Crystals _ Rose Quartz speaks of unconditional love, opening the higher heart, a gentle healing, assisting in calming and may help with sleep on some levels.

    Crystals affect different people in different ways overall ... in working with Rose quartz you may find that overall you may find yourself being calm and relaxed...

    Crystals and Chakras are both huge topics that require a lot of reading, working with (Practical experience) and study overall .... to find what works for you on a personal level ...

    Take care

  • @hekatesxing
    Ty so much for answering and the information again.
    😚 😙 ♥ 💕 😍 😻 💞

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