Confusion re. growth card calcuation

  • Greetings, I've calculated my growth card and arrive at 10. Is that supposed to mean (based on the Thoth deck) "1" (Magus) or "10" (Fortune)???
    I'm confused by this because if it's 10 (Fortune), then 1 (Magus) would never be considered a growth card...

  • @infintina

    For me when I look at this aspect within a reading ... I look at all of the possible growth within the year .... so looking at 10 as your Growth card .. for me I would say you have aspects of 10, 1 and 0 .. so your main card is The Fortune .... but you may also have aspects of the Magus and The Fool during that year that may come up for you at this time ...

    This is my own personal thoughts re this aspect .. I like to look at the total picture, in understanding the cards are interconnected on many levels , just as our lives are interconnected through the many aspects within ourselves.

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