Can someone help me read this spread please?!

  • Would someone mind helping me read this?

    This is the Universal Waite deck -

    My person and I have been great friends for a year, we work together so we had not met until a few months ago. When we met it was instant soulmate energy. We live in separate states but have been developing this relationship since we met. We met in person again last week and together got this spread. We have been really into since we met (neither of us were at all before), we don't know why but it's just been a huge draw to us.
    He's Pisces, I'm Scorpio.

    Thank you, so grateful for any help! ♓ ♏ ❤

  • @mv3333
    The Cards on the Top Row - Six of Wands - Victory after some difficulties ...
    Ace of Cups - Opening to new love, new relationships, new possibilities within the relationship ...
    Death can speak of transformations, changes can bring endings to a situation
    The Lovers can speak of choices to be made within the relationship , maybe coming together and finding what could appear as temptation... discovering passion within the relationship

    Bottom Row ... Three of Wands can speak of having walked ahead this may be a temporary pause, allowing you to reflect on what lies ahead of you....
    Queen of Wands can speak of nurturing passions, creative energy

    Queen of Cups RX- could speak of a delay or a block in nurturing self within this relationship , emotionally not being caring of self...

    V of Cups, asks we focus on the what is important instead of focusing on what is not of value to the relationship... Things may not appear as bad as they seem ... What you focus on you bring into the relationship...

    Hope this gives you some suggestions for reflection, contemplation and meditation....

  • @hekatesxing

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this. Your response is a huge help!

  • @mv3333
    You are so welcome ... take care

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