What should I do to get rid of this feeling of being stuck?

  • Hi, could anybody do me a reading regarding the question above? Why can't I get rid of this feeling? Another question: I'm taking a test in order to get a job in September, is it a good move? Do I have a chance of being approved? Thank you!

  • @alenabrz
    Sometimes, when we feel stuck we can get or do our own spiritual cleansing.
    There are various ones, light sage, spiritual baths, use prepared crystals to raise your vibration.
    But sometimes can be a time of waiting. Which feels like a test, so it is important to keep your words positive and keep thanking source for your desire.

    • list item - job, love etc.

    Best wishes

  • Would you feel 'unstuck' if you did a one hundred and eighty degree turn and went in another direction with your life?

  • @Sweeney Thank you! I think that I miss change and excitement, the thrill of new things, maybe I just feel “old” and really should be thankful for everything I have.

    @TheCaptain I really can not give a yes or no answer to that question. I suppose it would make changes happen, but it would not make me happy.

  • @alenabrz, so you are happy with the path you are on? Are you feeling stuck because what you want is not happening fast enough?

    I feel like, for another couple of years, this urge inside you to expand and grow and take risks and seek out new challenges will persist and hold sway over you. But then a change will occur and you will instead become more industrious and practical, needing a stronger sense of order and structure in your life. In the pursuit of your physical or material goals, don't forget to take some time out to work on your soul. You may be seeking to 'get somewhere' when really you already are 'someone' who has the potential inside you to be great - you just have to stand still long enough to nurture it. It is not what you achieve in the outside world that will satisfy you - it is the quality and depth and beauty of your soul that really matters.

  • @TheCaptain I'm not exactly happy with my current path, content would be a better word. As you wrote, I still have an urge to grow, to go out and do things. I miss the challenges and thrill I felt some years ago. That's it. I have this urge to be doing something and see things happening, I want to create and see tangible results. Part of me also has this fear about the future, old age and financial insecurity if I continue where I am. Midlife crisis, maybe?

  • @alenabrz I think it is just growing up and passing from youthful dreams to more practical realities.

  • @TheCaptain You are probably right! 😅

  • I would recommend that you read a book or meditate. Positive affirmations work well too for clearing out the mind.