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  • Has anyone here tried pick a card youtube videos?

    Whenever I am on break or have free time, I'd love to spend my time watching youtube videos (free data). It started on one channel and honestly, you'll realize you've watched a ton of these videos already.

    I just watch these out of curiosity. To see if something will realte to me.

    Funny thing is, everytime I select a certain pile from different videos and different tarot readers, I always get the same message, which to me sounds seriously funny.

    First, I always pick a deck where it talks about me needing to take a leap of faith to improve my career. That I have to do it and not hesitate worry about negativity.

    Second, the healing myself from past and family issues - this one gives me goosebumps really.

    Third, that the person - my previous love feels the same way and thinks that I am way too good for him, that i deserve someone better etc which I dont really relate because we are in separation. That he wanted to reach out to clear things out When I see him, he looks pretty happy and content. I don't know why the message is always the same, but in reality that is not what i see.

    Fourth, soul contracts, karmic contracts that I am currently in and has to complete.

    Fifth, me ignoring someone who loves me (allegedly a friend, someone I know and is established, lives overseas/frequently travels) to which I really have no clue about. I don't have a friend that fits the bill.

    Has someone have similar experience?

  • @raspberrygirl
    Remember that the youtube videos are GENERAL readings for many people who tune in so not everything will relate to you specifically. Also, many of the youtube readers tend to say that soulmates are coming back to you, are still thinking of you, etc. It could be because they are projecting (because that is what they want in their lives) or they could be trying to attract more viewers. Be careful with this.

  • Agreeing with Watergirl18 .....

    YouTube Videos in regards to Tarot Readings can be so general for the collective community.
    There are many types of Tarot Readings available on YouTube...

    1. Pick a pile or pick a card type readings give you general information where some of it may resonate with you at that time. Within the headspace you are in at that moment.

    2. Astrological, Sun Sign Tarotscopes - these are general readings for each Zodiac sign and may not always resonate fully with you but you may find aspects do resonate on some level .

    3. General readings maybe for the day, week ahead, month ahead etc ... you may find may or may not fully resonate with you....

    You may find there are heaps of Soul/Twin Soul Mate readings talk about connections returning etc .. please be very aware of any reading that do not empower you as an individual but encourages you to rely on others.
    Think very carefully about whether the readings allow you to walk ahead or keeps you stuck in the past , attached to something or someone who may not actually be good for you overall . There are times in life when we really want someone in our life but because of certain circumstances or situations related to the past these people do not allow us to be the best version of ourselves....

    it is important to take a YouTube Reading as Guidance.... and allows you for much reflection, contemplation and meditation which gives you a sense of Inner Power in who you are...

    I do a weekend Reading on Intuitive Friday which encourages one to be totally in control of their own choices and decisions and brings a person to Stand in their own power .. to find their own inner courage to move ahead.

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