"When" - Why is it that the time cannot be added to a reading.

  • I do not know if this is true or not but I vaguely remember being told that time cannot be predicted in a reading. That you can be told that you will meat your partner in the future but you cannot be told that it will be in a month time. You can be told that you will get your dream job soon, in the near future but not with in December 2018.

    If this is correct can someone please explain in detail.


    Sorry I was mean to say that is a philosophical question.

  • @jayann
    There are too many factors that come into play - free will of both you and the others involved. Also timing - especially when it comes to love is reliant on your self healing which YOU control. If a person chooses to hang on to the memory of a former lover, then new love cannot come in. If a person does not learn the soul lesson from previous relationships, then they will just keep repeating the same relationship over and over again. If a person chooses to wallow in self pity, then nothing will ever change.

  • @jayann
    Clarification of question
    When doing reading can the reader tell the person to whom the reading is for when something will happen? Or is time in a reading not accurate.
    I know about free will.
    I just want someone to say yay or nay to what I was told nearly 40 years ago by a friends mother who is/was a psychic.

  • @jayann
    Maybe it was true at that time but there was a change of course based on your action/inaction or the action/inaction of someone else. One shouldn't use readings as fortune tellings. What a reader sees is only one path that a person can take or may have as an option. Stop seeking answers outside of yourself. You are missing the point...nothing is going to change until you do.

  • @watergirl18
    This question is not about me personally so please stop hitting on me.
    I just wanted to have a theory confirmed or denied.
    This question should be answered as a stand alone question with no connection to anything else written or asked before. It is like me asking if the colour of the word forums above it turquoise or teal.
    Please stick to the question and do not add information you seem to need to provide but is not relevant and insulting.

  • @jayann
    All of your questions are the same. You are just too thick in it to see it.

  • @jayann
    Timing can be added to a reading if a reader reads that way and has a specific system, but with everything There is always free will so when someone comes for a Tarot reading and asks When will something happen, many factors can come into play A reader may look at the cards and suggest that something may happen in so many weeks, months during the winter season, summer etc or even down to the approx week etc but because of free will a decision may change the outcome over all ..
    The timing could relate to say "when you are able to reflect on the situation and clear away the debris then this will happen "

    Timing is not always accurate to the moment but it can suggest an approximate timing on some level this depends on the reader and their style, and takes a reader practice within their own readings to work out the system that works for them.

    Hope that helps ...

  • @hekatesxing
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer "THE" question.
    You answer has brought clarity to this topic.
    I now know that I can frame questions with the word How, What, Why, Where Who and When.
    Thank you ☺

  • @jayann
    You are welcome ..

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