Can anyone please help? Reading?

  • Can you see if I will be content once again as I was in 2015 and or the period when I was at university where I had a clear vision of my future.

  • @jayann, your question is really saying "tell me I'll be ok, tell me I will be happy, tell me life will be worth living." The problem is that you are seeking an EVENT or CIRCUMSTANCE that will make you happy, however this will never happen if you are stuck in victim mode. I could go on, but instead am sharing a few Eckhart Tolle videos with you. I hope that you will take the time to listen and reflect on them...

  • @watergirl18
    I am so worried and "alone"
    Thank you for replying.

  • Jayann, there is a higher self within you that understands and embraces the depths of life. In this life, you will realize your greatest potential when you can make life something that gets your heart pounding and your blood racing. For you, things are supposed to be a bit risky, uncertain, maybe slightly dangerous, allowing you to teeter right on the edge. It might not make sense but embracing a bit of that danger is what you’re made for. What your soul really wants is to engage in a high-wire act, with not much of a net underneath. It’s through this approach that you will embrace the emotional power that you have within.

    Money is also an issue you must face in this lifetime - you want to accumulate financial resources and material possessions to gain a sense of comfort and stability so you can begin to really 'live', maybe even show other people that you can in fact be a winner. To achieve this, you need to be willing to form partnerships with others, finding those who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can share with you. If you use your energy to enhance your partner/s' energy, truly linking with the other/s as a team rather than maintaining a sense of separation ("my money - your money, my resources - your resources") the result can be great financial rewards for all involved. With the contractual understanding that you will get a percentage of the profits, you are free to focus on enhancing your partner’s energy and power in ways that increase the success of the team. You are better off asking your partner what is fair, because others appreciate you more than you value yourself.

    Your Achilles' Heel is comfort ("The goal of life is to be comfortable. I need lots of possessions to survive.") This can lead into the trap of a never-ending search for accumulation. ("When I finally have enough money and possessions, I will feel good about myself and can relate to others.") This thinking leads to stagnation on all levels. You can never get enough 'stuff' to feel comfortable in making the changes that will add vitality to your life. You must be willing to risk losing your current level of comfort to gain a higher state of power and energy. You will never have enough money and personal property to think you can afford to bond with others or feel there is enough to take care of all your needs. Let go of self-concern and put your full power into partnership.

    What stands in the way of a life-changing intensity for you? Well, it is all too easy for you to get stuck in your ways. Your comfort zone can be so comfortable that you just don’t want to leave it. In fact, it might not make any sense at all to leave it. Yet, your natural common sense can be much less effective when you dig in your heels and refuse to budge. Your worst habits come from being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, unable to go with the flow of the inevitable changes of life. Therefore, you might feel like you’re being totally practical by sticking to your routines, clinging to your possessions, or insisting on your values. But, little do you know that these things have gone past their expiration date and being unable to do away with them will only hurt you, in the end.

  • Hi, I am new dont know how I can post you a private message. I can offer you a reading for a donation.