Can someone please do a relationship reading for me

  • Im wandering if someone can do a relationship reading for me. I am happy in my relationship. But my boyfriend was upset with me( we recently got into an argument) and I am understand his point of view. But I am concerned hes not getting mine. I had another pyshic do a reading and they said there was a possibility for a kid in our future. And i was wandering if the possibility still exists? My birthdate is 12-12, and his is 06-24. Also. I am wanting to work in writing a book. Does anyone see that coming to fruition for me?

  • TulipLilly, you must never forget that you possess a tremendous amount of will-power and, when you devote yourself to a worthy career path and set yourself clear goals and objectives, you have all the ambition and talent you need to be a success. When it comes to both your professional and your personal life, if you can channel some of your energy inward to develop your intuition and spirituality, you will be able to have good relationships and draw on your extensive knowledge and life experience to realize your ambition of delivering an empowering message of hope, love and positive expectation to the world. Any path or forum that allows you to impart knowledge, educate, advise and inspire (such as writing, publishing, media, acting, lecturing, teaching, counseling, advising, politics, advertising or sales coaching, training or anything that involves the creating/promoting of innovative new products) will therefore be right for you. Certainly for you next year is a new chapter of your life, a new beginning and becoming an author could definitely be part of that new start. 2019 meanwhile is all about looking at your life and ridding yourself of anything or anyone that is not serving your best interests.

    Was this argument between you and your partner over having a baby? Because unless both of you are up for it at the same time, it will not work out well.

  • @thecaptain sorry i didnt respond back before. I lost my phone during the last holiday. I havent been on my new phone that much. The argument wasnt about having kids. It was a misunderstanding, and its been resolved. Now the new drama is I hurt my back and I can barely walk. I dont even know how I hurt it. So Im slowing downfrom writing so I can rest and ice. Do you see my situation improving with myback? I hope it does, I need some positive vibes sent my way.

  • @tuliplilly Is he a cancerian man? If so then I must say it's very hard to deal with them. They are some moody and sensitive bunches. You being a fire sign will be much harder. There will be misunderstandings and lack of communication. Give him space. Let him come to you.

  • @anonbirdy you are so right! I basically have to talk to him in such a way so it doesnt come off the wrong way to him.
    I just hurt my back and I am in a ton of pain. I told him I can barely walk. Today he said, how am I talking if my pain level is an 8? I just hope myback getts better:(
    What I don't get is : I'm not an emotional person so when i am in pain I explained to him how much pain I am in. But im not gonna cry about it. Thats not me.
    Does that make sense?

  • TulipLilly, if you take care that you do not dominate your partner or deprive him of the opportunity to develop on his own, this relationship can work out well. Your partner can be a very private individual so give him space when he needs it (you can sometimes be too demanding of attention). Ask yourself if your back problems might not be a subconscious way of getting that attention and care from others. Just be yourself.

  • @tuliplilly Cancer men can be sensitive to their own feelings but at the same time they can be insensitive to other peoples' pain and suffering. I have dated 2 cancer men in my life and their pincers were too painful to handle. I am an aries and a very straight forward person. No drama here but they were completely my opposite and you know both of the relationships ended badly. It was really hard for me to communicate as they were so selfcentered and so mean sometimes. Saggies are free spirited and are open minded people I know because my husband is one. You must have tons of patience to deal with big cry baby cancer man. Give him lots of space and if he really loves you he will surrender himself to you. Do not ever push him.

  • @thecaptain I am surprised that you feel I would subconsciously use my back as a reson for attention. Its not subconscious, I threw my back out and I can't bend over. I saw a doctor amd a chiropractor and am in physical therapy for it. I would never make up something about my health as a way to get attention.
    I do like attention, who doesnt? I am learning to be more independent. And am writing amd doing my own thing too.

  • @anonbirdy i am sorry you went through that. Sounds terrible. My guy likes his time to work, but we also spend time together. But since this happened with my back, I am more focused on just doing day to day activities and trying to get better. He is more understanding of my situation since I explained to him what the doctor and chiropractor said. I just have to take time and ask about how he is doing too. I am a very patient woman, and I have learned to be as I am growing into myself and trying to expand my horizons.

  • @tuliplilly your subconscious affects your state of health. If you are feeling ignored or unloved, it can manifest as pain or worse. In fact, many cases of back pain are actually caused by muscle tension or spasms, caused by unexpressed emotions such as rage, grief, fear, guilt etc or hidden issues you don't want to face or deal with. Are you feeling unsupported or let down by someone? It is something serious if your back is affected - I didn't mean to imply it was solely for attention.

  • @thecaptain i had spasms in my low back down my right leg and in middle of my back. They said its my sacroilliac with in my hips. My one hip is off and I have tried shoe lifts, inserts. I recently switched shoes and i was weaning myaelf onto them. Two days later im having all this pain. I was worried about Parkinsons. Thats part of my twins diagnosis. But its not that. Thank God. Im still having a hard time bending over and im in a lot of pain. Im getting adjustments and chiropractor care. I cant even work right now, which sucks. My boyfriend amd I are very happy together. Ive had some stress with my ex hubby, hes the only one that hurt me or let me down. Hence, hes my ex. Thanks for responding back too🙂

  • @tuliplilly Hope you get well soon. 👍

  • @anonbirdy thanks! Im seeing improvements everyday. I am in physical therapy too, which is helping. 🙂

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