Should I stay or should I move on?

  • I know I should totally move on, but why does everytime I try to do so, something reminds me of the happy times?

    My brain is set to move on, but deep inside, there's this annoying part of me that hopes he will come back to me and everything will be alright. It is an everyday battle inside of me.

    Is it normal to be happy, yet you're really not? I can function as a normal person, laugh with friends, go out and about, but at the end of the day, my soul yearns for someone who seems to have moved on from me.

    I've considered casting a spell. The only thing that kept me from doing so is the fear of karma and bad luck.

    Is it really over?

  • While you have this hope inside you (as unrealistic as it may be) you cannot move on. Can you contact this guy to ask him if it is really over because you need a definite closure.

  • I'm scared. What if he's mad at me? Or worse say bad things.

  • @saoirse2 you still need to find closure. Gather your courage and confront him.

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