Career Reading

  • Light and Love to you Wonderful people!

    I've finally found a career path on which I would enjoy the journey. Can someone tell me what the cards and Angels say in regards to it?

    I desire to rap and perform. I desire to write, direct, and produce my own music, movies, tv shows, cartoons, visual albums, music videos. I desire to be revered in every medium, including speeches, novels, and scholarly writings.

    I desire to express myself though every form of words, while healing and inspiring others to stand in their power.

    I'm a Life Path 33 and my birthday is 02/23/1997.

    Much Gratitude!

  • What have you done in practical terms to achieve your desired career? What experience, talents or training do you have in any of these careers you wish to enter? Obviously you shouldn't spread yourself over too many areas or you will achieve nothing.

    You can be a bit shy or withdrawn, so you will need to overcome that issue if you want to become a performer. On the plus side, you have great communication skills and determination to succeed. You have some great fantasies but you must back them up with real manifestation in the material world.

  • Hi! I am actually very extroverted and have grown out of my shyness. In Numerology, 5 is the most dominant number in my chart.

    I've always been a great writer in and outside the classroom. I was one of the editors for my school's newspaper and literary magazine. I excel on essays and public speaking. I'm very creative. Writing and communication are definitely my strong points. I'm always chosen to speak.

    In practical terms, I'm in my last year of University. I dedicate at least an hour a day to my craft. I'm planning on buying a music software soon. When I return to Atlanta in August, my main focuses are going to be school, work, and music. Because of where I live, there are a lot of chances to network with other artists and I will attend those events.

    I work with my Ancestors and this path was confirmed to me. I do a lot of manifestation through visualization.

    Right now, I'm focusing on the music aspect as to not be spread too thin.

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