It’s been awhile! Who wants a reading?

  • @moonrising hello dear! I will try my best to sort out your love triangle (been there before aha!) let’s see- so I’m gettibg the sense you have had some form of loving moments with only one and I feel that is with the one who is now not in contact with you (I) and that you have a bit of feeling for (T) but nothing has quite taken off yet for you two, is that correct? I do not feel that I-( i keep wanting to say Isaac?) is going to get back in contact with you as I feel for him it was a fling and not as serious, as for T i see something between you two that could have the potential of becoming a long lasting relationship, so with that being said , continue your pursuit with (I want to now say Timothy?) T and see what commenses! As for you job situation - I’m seeing a police station perhaps a suggestion from spirit of a direction to take towards finding your desired career , have you that of work in the police force , or maybe that is a part of social work (I’m a bit unsure of whether social work is more judicial or police, so correct me please!) at any rate , I’m hearing that soon enough you will begin your work , and to keep your mind open to jobs you may not have considered that are still in the same field of work ! I’m also getting that you may have to study again in the future to reach that desired job , maybe you will decide you like a certain part of the field you had’t expected to and will require more learning ! Overall your future is bright and will be full of work you will be very busy reaching your goals but you will be happy doing so ! I hope this reading is helpful to you, please let my know if it is or if you have any more questions you need answered , love and light xx

  • are you still giving readings

  • @jodomi Thank you so much! The T person is Troy and yes not much has happened but there are also issues of religion between us that have to be sorted first. Yes my work would revolve around Police and Justice system too as I'm seeking work within child protection! Interesting how you saw the Police. thanks again for your help!

  • @kae yes! Sorry! Of course I can give you one , I don’t know why I never get notifications of new messages until much later! I check everyday multiple times and never see anything! I’ll give you a reading a bit later , I have to find time alone !

  • @jodomi
    You are the second person who have/had this problem.
    That is why I posts the question.
    take care

  • Thank you @jayann!!

  • @kae so, the first thing I’m noticing is a lighthouse , I’ve not seen this symbol before so unless it is something significant to you, maybe you have been searching for something (love, work, your purpose in life?) I’m also seeing dominoes falling down by the touch of someone’s finger , perhaps you feeling like everything around you lately has been falling apart from the fault of a particular person ? Does this make sense to you? I feel like there may be anxiety as well currently due to these problems you have been faced with , and possibly some problem due to some form of car accident (I would rather hope I’m wrong that this didn’t happen as that would be unfortunate!) the message for you is that things are going to get better , I feel that you may be working in some form of medicine related field , is that correct? I am also seeing a love connection coming your way , perhaps you are already involved with someone and it will become even more secure between you two or you are single and are about to meet someone who will turn your world upside down ! At the moment this is what I could receive , I hope this was what you needed to hear and if you have any questions please let me know ! Love and light xx

  • Can I get a reading on love/relationship outlook please 😊

  • This post is deleted!

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