It’s been awhile! Who wants a reading?

  • @thomas okay sorry it took a while ! So I get the sense that you’ve been through a lot of unexpected changes and problems in this relationship, perhaps there was cheating involved and you feel lost in what to do and confused as to why it happened in the first place , does this sound correct? Spirits message to you is to move on and don’t give in to him , in other words if he tries to get back together with you once you’ve ended things - no matter what he says or promises- don’t do it. I see a much happier future for you in return for letting go of this negativity you are currently feeling things will become more positive and the one who is truly meant for you and who will treat you right is well on his way . I also just saw a birthday cake randomly which means someone’s birthday recently passed or is about to arrive , is it yours or maybe even his? I hope this was useful for you and that it is what you needed to hear, let me know if it was or if you have anymore questions ! Love and light xx

  • @bunny9
    do you still @Jodomi to do a reading?

  • @bunny9 sorry love! I didn’t purposely ignore your request I just didn’t see it ! I will get to you later today! Thanks again @Jayann x

  • @jodomi
    I am sorry for being a pain in the ass.
    Again you are so kind so u r very welcome.

  • @jayann you’re not a pain in the ass! I really appreciate it , I would feel terrible if I forgot someone who needed a message ! It explains why I always feel like I’m not done!

  • @bunny9 hello dear! I hope this gets to you x here’s you reading so sorry it’s late! Okay so first of all I’m seeing two different locations and I’m not sure if you will understand these or not : the first one is a dark forest of huge pine trees which could just represent you feeling lost and overwhelmed in the moment with life itself or maybe you even know a place like this , the second is a snowy mountain, with nothing around but this snow , could represent loneliness and feeling that everybody has been treating you coldly or could also be an actual location you know . I get the sense that you have just begun studying something or are about to start school or maybe working in a school of some form this coming month , and that you feel nervous of how everything will go for the year coming up. Spirits message to you is to fear not! There is nothing to worry about , everything will go well and in the end doing what you love is important! I say this because I am now getting a better understanding that perhaps what you are about to start doing in your life is a step in the direction of your dreams but that maybe you have family that are not in agreement with your choices and have pushed you away in these past months, maybe for what you want to do or maybe because of something you believe in that they do not . In regards to this, spirit says to not give up on yourself and that you will find your support group and eventually you may even get the approval of those who have left your side in this moment , but later on. I really hope this reading is what you needed to hear! Let me know it was or if you have any questions or clarifications at all, love and lightx

  • Hello Jodomi I'm new to this site and would really appreciate a reading please I have had strong feelings about my current situation but cant pinpoint what it is. Hope you are well and recharged. Thank you.

  • @kate Hello dear and welcome to the page! Xx let me see if I am getting this message correct- I am seeing a plane, a suitcase , and a building (surrounded by palm trees , and I’m not sure why but I get the feeling it’s in Africa for some reason) does this sound like something you have been seeing in your head perhaps or perhaps it’s symbolism of you about to make a big move or making the tough decision to move out of the country (leaving behind family and your old life) . Te message if so , is to do it even if it is hard it is an important part of your life path to make this big change and to choose this ! You will find once you do , life will move accordingly and things will be just fine , always trust your instincts ! And if you have been interested in getting more in touch with your psychic abilities, go for it! I hope this is useful and that it is what you were looking for dear , let me know if it was or if you have any other questions, love and light xx

  • Hi Jadomi

    I would really like a reading from you. I would like to know about my future. If you can help me, that would be great...

  • @Hopeless hello dear! Hopefully I can you XX for your future I’m getting a feeling you will have a peaceful period , maybe some time away from working before changing a job or studying , but I feel that this coming period is for you to reflect and relax : reflect on what you would like to achieve in the coming months and take some personal time , I feel as though you have been missing out on loving yourself , this time is perfect for you to begin working on self love and confidence . It will take a while for you to gain full confidence again but it can and will be done . I get the sense you may have recently gone through heartbreak of some sort (rejection or break up) and this is the cause of some of you lower self esteem: don’t worry , in the horizon there is someone better who is going to pass into your life at the right moment , and when you least expect it . Are you studying business or law? I may be wrong but I get the sense you study or work in a very stressful field . I hope this is what you needed to hear , let me know if you have any questions, love and light xx

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  • @hopeless like I said things will get better , you have to start with loving yourself! Got those thoughts yourself that are negative out of your head and from your mouth . There are opportunities for you to do online until you have the money to move forward with your life , you can even take classes online in any trade , I don’t know why but I’m seeing graphic design as an option for you, have you considered it?

  • Umm nope.... I never put in much thought on career or money. I'm pretty comfortable right now. Things are stable financially. But it hasn't helped me move forward. Its just that money won't solve my depression. I want a life....

    You said you could see someone new on the horizon coming into my life when I least expect it... could you tell me if that will happen? Sometime soon maybe?......

    Do I have a future? Will I find happiness?


  • @hopeless I suppose spirit suggested something artistic like graphic design as a career because it might be something that would bring you joy and a step towards meeting someone with whom you will be happy with . I agree money won’t cure depression , but doing something you enjoy doing might help you to feel like you have a purpose here ! Maybe you could take up drawing as a hobby or learn to play an instrument since you enjoyed singing, I gather you are an artistic soul in general so these types of things would bring some joy to your life . The person will come into your life once you take the first step forward , away from things that make you think negative thoughts and towards those things that make life a bit easier and more enjoyable .

  • I understand. Thank you for your suggestions Jadomi. In the future if you ever get something from the spirit about me, you can let me know here. I would appreciate that. Best wishes.

  • I would like a reading😊

  • Hello❤️ am I able to get a reading? idk if anything I send is going through?

  • Can I get a reading? ❤

  • @slew oh my goodness it just came through love so sorry xx yes of course you can !! Okay so the first thing that popped in my head and is a bit new to me but it looked like I was seeing an ultrasound, are you or someone close to you pregnant ? If so congratulations ! In relation to that pregnancy I’m seeing pink for a girl x . I see that recently things have been a bit ´rocky’ or crazy for you perhaps with a relationship with your partner , and now things will calm down and go smoothly . I’m seeing a school which could mean you are a teacher or that you are studying something , is that true? I can also see mountains , maybe you live near mountains and enjoy going there and relaxing , it may be a sign from spirit to go out in nature and relax while you can . I hope this was what you needed to hear , let me know if you have any questions love and light xx

  • @jodomi Hello! Could I please ask for a reading please? Regarding love life or work/career. Whatever you see. Love life, I am single but care for 2 guys, one is around me now - T person, the other I haven't had contact with for sometime (P). Are either of them my future mate? Regarding career, I'm looking for work within my field in social/welfare work but lack of progress.... any changes soon? Anything you see, I'm happy with. No pressure. thanks so much!

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