It’s been awhile! Who wants a reading?

  • @cutiee27 like I mentioned before , he still thinks of you , but is afraid for some reason to get in contact he feels there is something in the way that keeps him from contacting you . Which is why i said you should contact him first and see what happens , it would make for a great friendship .

  • @jodomi okay .... did he discuss about me with anyone recently or anytime with other people ? I knew that he loved me truly . Can you help me with this pls . He did contact me 2 yrs ago but I haven't responded then . I don't know how he will react if I contact now . But it's very important for me to talk to him .

  • @jodomi
    have u done readings for jen78 and hobbles76?
    😃 I like reading what you write.

  • @jayann oh goodness I did one but left out two! I will get to them now! Thanks for bringing them to my attention love xx

  • @msjamielicious hello dear and so so sorry I never saw your request you must have been waiting for so much time ! The first thing I’m seeing is a type of red rock structure in a desert , makes me think of Arizona , not sure if this relates to you somehow- perhaps you are going there for a trip or you live in this type of area , or perhaps you have studied geology? I do get a sense that you love nature and being out in it and taking care of the environment everyday you can , which is lovely x I also feel you have been having a good period in your life where things have gone smoothly , but perhaps an unexpected set back or fear has come up from out of nowhere , leaving you feeling in a panic . The best way to overcome this fear , according to Spirit, is to ‘go back to your roots’ . Perhaps you will understand this meaning and be able to use it , I see it as a sign that you have strayed from who you truly are as a person , perhaps to fit in to what society wants you to be . If that’s the case , stop this immediately and be true to yourself! I hope this reading was useful for you , I am curious to know if it was or not! Hopefully you will see it , sorry again about how long it took , love and light xx

  • @jen78 hello dear x sorry it took me so long to get to you, I just saw the message ! I will try my very best to give you a love reading x so I’m seeing that there is definitely some form of attraction between you and someone else - perhaps a crush or someone that you have been talking to already . The person (I feel is a man but correct me if I’m wrong!) is seemingly rough around the edges but also creative (an artist maybe tattoo artist?) but with a great personality and protective energy . Maybe , this is someone you haven’t met yet but will cross paths with , or you do know who they are , and you have been talking some time but afraid to move forward in the relationship , afraid to tell your feelings even. I get the message from Spirit ‘be honest!’ , don’t beat around the bush or pretend you aren’t interested , you have to tell this person how you feel before they give up on the possibility of something more. One last thing, is this person or are you possibly a libra? I hope this reading is useful to you and accurate in some way, please let me know if it is or isn’t I will try my best to give you the answers you require! Love and light x

  • @cutiee27 you have to contact now , right now he feels you don’t care about him . Also be prepared for him to ask you questions about why you abandoned him as he will be feeling hurt. I do have a feeling he has talked before about you and how he was upset by what you did, but lately he has been trying to move on.

  • @jodomi
    ty for being so kind.

  • thank you for being so involved in the thread xx

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  • Hello! I'd like to have a reading too ^^

  • @jodomi I told him all I wanted to say ....can you please let me know what's he thinks of me after I said many things which he is unaware of ... Am being very anxious..lemme know what's he thinking about me as he didn't contact me after that . Pls . You have been helping struggled ones Jodomi .

  • @cutiee27 I told you he would be a bit confused and mad that you didn’t tell him this when he last tried to contact you and you didn’t respond . He is thinking of how to respond the right way or if to respond at all

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  • Hello, this is my first day on this website im not quite sure how it works but i would love any help I could get about a certain love situation with my boyfriend or soon to be ex..

  • @thomas welcome dear XX I will give you a reading tomorrow love and light xxx

  • 14 October 1986 is my birthday.

    Ex is 25 March 1986.

    I want to know how far he is gonna go because he keeps trying to contact me and I’m ignoring him .

    Thanks 🙏

  • @jana-star ah yes I remember mentioning him trying to get back into contact with you and warning you to not give in! He will keep it up especially knowing you are seeing someone else , but you must ignore him as if you respond to him it will end up causing problems with a new relationship you may be just starting !

  • @jodomi

    No, he knows nothing of a new relationship because he is blocked and I don’t have social media .

    Yes he will probably keep coming back

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