It’s been awhile! Who wants a reading?

  • @uniquelyaquarius sorry love! I had to take a break I was exhausted , let’s get to your reading now ! X so I’m first noticing an island with a castle on it , I’m not sure if you can relate to this in anyway , perhaps you are going to an island for vacation this summer or maybe it is symbolic: you may need to isolate yourself from others for a while to reconnect with yourself and recharge to get back to feeling whole , afterwards you will be ready to take on the world. I’m seeing a purple flower , perhaps it’s you or someone you love’s favorite flower or color or a suggestion from spirit to use lavender to help you sleep if you have been struggling with being restless . Are you interested in business or law, or do you work in this field already ? I’m seeing a plane , a sign that you will be traveling somewhere soon, perhaps overseas or across the country . Overall, I get a sense that things are going to be calm and easy for you in these coming months ! I hope this reading correlates with you dear, sorry it took longer than expected ! Please let me know if you have any questions and I will let you know if I receive any other messages from spirit for you as well! Love and light xx

  • Yes please regarding love

  • @jodomi

    If you are still willing, I would appreciate a reading. 🙂 I would like to know anything you can share with me that my guides want me to know about my current legal situation please.

    Thank you,

  • @hobbles76 hello , I will do your reading as soon as possible ! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi

    Thank you so much! ❤

  • @hobbles76 hi dear, so I’m getting the feeling that you’ve been feeling a bit alone lately , maybe in a situation that happened to you . You feel like you have nobody to talk to and that everybody became so cold to you , is this correct? If so, spirits message to you is wait it out, with patience this will pass , and a true friend will come forward to show you you aren’t alone . Im also seeing a chocolate birthday cake (very specifically!) did you recently have a birthday or is it coming up soon? Usually I only see birthday cakes when someone from the other side wants to send their wishes to the person I’m reading for!! I’m also seeing a dog , medium sized with spots , not sure if you have one like this or had one like it , or if you just really like dogs ! Perhaps you are a veterinarian or wish to become one even? I also keep seeing snow , not sure if you are from a cold place or enjoy snow , but it may be significant to you in someway! I really do hope this relates to you in some way, if not, we can always do some more ! Let me know if you have any questions ! Love and light x

  • @jodomi
    Thank you for the reading. 🙂 The funny thing is that I’m going through a divorce right now... I live in a town that is across the state from most of my family and a lot of friends from growing up. My ex however has all of his family here in town supporting him in his lies during the case... The cake is funny because I made a cake the day he was supposed to accept the offer so we could move forward faster with the divorce... he turned it down, we ate the (chocolate ) cake anyway! 🙂 It was good! I don’t know about the dog with spots... and since it is summer time I’m not sure about the snow either... any more insight would be great. Thank you Again! 💕💕Much love you you. 🙂

  • @jodomi thank you for the reading ☺ I read it before work yesterday and was amazed.
    When I woke up yesterday, I started trying to make sense of a dream I had had the night before. In the dream, I was boarding a fancy airplane and all I knew was it would be a very long flight. I remember I feeling unprepared (last minute, empty handed) for the flight but boarded anyway with no worries. As I got to my seat I looked up above in the storage compartment, and there was all my luggage and everything else I might need for the long flight. Even before I looked though, it was almost as if I knew everything would be alright, that it was meant to be this way. I felt purely excited for this new adventure!
    You mentioned a plane in your reading, but I have no current plans to travel. It amazes me that I had just had that dream and then read your words. I was doing some research online about dreaming of planes and discovered it could be a symbol for something "taking off" in my life. How exciting! I'm trying to get my new business up and running, and over the last month or so it has picked up significantly. I wonder if maybe that's what it's referring to? ☺
    Thank you again! ☆Namaste

  • @jodomi me too! Hahaha. Can you please do one for me too? I have no question in specific. I am fine with what you will see. Thanks!

  • @raspberrygirl hello love, okay! So I’m seeing that things for you have been going pretty calmly ! Not sure if symbolic or not but I’m seeing a boat on the seaside with beautiful blue water , perhaps you will go to the sea soon or currently are , perhaps it’s just symbolic for how relaxed you will continue being. Do you know of any significance of orange flowers , maybe in your family or for you in general? I’m also seeing a turquoise stone on a black lace , like a necklace of some sort , which could simply mean you enjoy stones or that it is an important stone to you! Or it could be your birthstone ! Are you born in December? I also keep seeing fish and sea creatures , are you someone who enjoys ocean wildlife, maybe you study marine biology or have worked closely with animals from the ocean? I feel such a warmth from you, a very caring energy , I dont know how else to describe it but I feel a lot of happiness for you! I hope that is the case 🙂 ! I hope this reading is relatable , I am curious to know if it is! Let me know if you do think of any questions ! Love and lightxx

  • @jodomi I hope this reading finds you xx

  • @jodomi hello! Thanks for this and sorey for the late response. I'd been occupied at work these past few days.

    What initially popped into my head upon reading this is "calm before the storm." haha

    Anyway, my maternal side of the family is on the fish business. If you are familiar with aqua-farming where we grow fish from eggs and sell them, cook 'em. That may be is the one you picked up.

    Not sure about the stone, tho.

    It' s kinda exciting that you felt the sea, water fish thingy as it really resonated with me!

    Thanks a bunch!

  • @raspberrygirl very interesting! I hope it was a useful reading for you as well x

  • Could I have a reading please?

    My birthday is 14th October 1986

    I want to know if there is potential for me with somebody I have started talking to.

    His birthday is 3rd of October 1992.

    I have blocked my ex and wanted to know if he will ever try to contact me again or if I need further intervention to keep him away?

    His birthday is 25th March 1986.

    Thank you


  • @jana-star yes dear , I will give you one tomorrow , love and light xx

  • @jana-star so sorry for the late reading, life got a bit busy x
    For your current love interest and you - does this love interest of yours know about your ex? I’m seeing dark green which is a sign of either jealousy or low self esteem when thinking of him , which leads me to believe he is insecure about your feelings towards him . Have you shown interest in him but not quite said how you feel? Now would be the time to tell him your feelings, before he goes on vacation and makes a decision to flirt with others . Does he have interest or work in therapy or some type of healing career , or is he a very emotional person ? Overall I see the two of you potentially being a good pair with looks of having a long term relationship . You just have to avoid contact with your ex and let him go ! He may try and reconnect with you , this will be the universes test for you to let past feelings for him aside and to let him go , it’s the only way to move forward! I hope this reading is helpful for you, let me know if it is and if you have any more questions, love and light xx

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  • @cutiee27
    wow you sound similar to me.
    good luck

  • @cutiee27 hello dear , I will certainly try my best to give you the answers you are looking for! So do you know if he studied or worked in some sort of field where one would be saving lives ie medical , police force, army? I get the feeling he does this type of work or wants to , unless this is you, I am also getting one of you may have studied law or business! I’m getting the feeling you two are currently at quite some distance from each other -perhaps even across seas - and that the distance may be a reason why things haven’t happened how you wanted them to . I also feel there is something that makes it very difficult or seemingly impossible for him to see you or have a relationship with you , an obstacle of some sort , whether it is distance or family or work is hard to say, but this obstacle is one that could very easily be solved if he tried , he just hasn’t for some reason realized it. I’m getting something about the sea , and a mountains sticking out of the sea and boats as well perhaps you understand this , maybe it’s part of your dream you have together , or maybe it is a symbolism of some sort ! I do feel that he has thought of you sometimes but I get some sort of sense that he may be with someone else currently or is about to be , which may explain why you have been upset lately in relation to him . I think it would be a good idea still to try and get in contact with him to see how he is , and remain friends , it could end up becoming something more again . I hope this reading will relate to you and help you in some way, let me know if it does ! Love and light xx

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