It’s been awhile! Who wants a reading?

  • Hello everyone! I took a break from giving readings to recharge my energy - turns out I ended up recharging it for a year ! I’m now ready to take some reading requests ! It may take me a while to get to everyone but I will be sure to get every single one of you who asks! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi
    ty jodomi,
    I am wide awake and cannot sleep
    So I will ask a question I saw somewhere else
    "Can I just ask if the Universe has any specific message about my life for me?"

    ty and take care

  • @jayann hi dear , sorry it is such a late reply for you ! Good question! The Universe always has a message for you ! I’m recieving a message of “pay attention!” For you , I get the feeling some change is coming up in your life , and if you don’t pay attention you may not notice it happening until it is too late ! Keep your eyes open in this time for anything that seems out of the norm for you and ask yourself why this may be . I am seeing a forest , maybe you live near a national forest of some type or you enjoy nature , or perhaps this is the universe telling you to get out and reconnect with nature and yourself . I am also seeing a house as well , did you recently move or are you thinking of moving ? I hope this helps some let me know if you would like me to clarify anything or give you more answers! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi
    Please do not apologise you were very quick and everyone doing a reading is doing me a favour.
    So ty very much for getting back to me.
    I am hoping to move to a new property which will become a home.
    I will update you when I figure the forest out.🤗 😽

  • @jayann alright! I believe that is a sign that you will move to that property you are hoping for ! Perhaps this will be that peace you have been needing ! Just pay attention to the signs around you from spirit, they will point you to the right direction 😁

  • @jodomi please, I would like a reading. Thank you

  • @juliem48 of course! Okay: so what I keep getting is a bunch of images of ocean life , fish , whales , and a cruise ship . Not sure if this had some significance to you in a symbolic way like you are wishing to see the ocean one day or if you are actually planning on going on a cruise soon , but the feeling I get related to this images is very peaceful and enjoyable , perhaps you even work this or wish to work in this environment ? Or maybe it is a loved one? I also saw a flash of rainbow , is this significant for you at all? I get an overall sense that love is in the air for you , that you have some sort of relationship that is going to be blossoming into something beautiful quite quickly , if it hasn’t been already! I also feel there may be a male presence that wants to give a message of love to you , an older man perhaps grandfather who may have had some form of issues in the head area, does this sound right to you? Sorry I am asking a lot of questions I want to be sure this is meant for you and not someone else! Let me know if it is or if you have any questions! Love and light x

  • @jodomi Hey gurl I would like to have a reading please. Thank you.😊

  • @anon-undertaker-0 hello ! Not sure if you are from somewhere very cold or if you have a feeling of loneliness and that people are cold to you, but I’m seeing snow in the middle of nowhere and a blizzard and a woman alone in the middle of it . If you are feeling lonely in someway, know that this is the time to reflect on yourself and take time to take care of yourself , happiness will follow , as will relationships with people that will make you feel warm inside . Do buttercups (the flowers) have any special meaning to you , perhaps they make you think of a loved one that passed on you miss dearly at this moment? It could be a message from this loved one that they are always with you , even when you feel otherwise . Also I’m seeing a school like an elementary school , are you wanting to be a teacher or do you teach as a profession ? It seems you should do this if you aren’t already ! Overall I feel as though you are going through a bit of a rough patch but that things will soon change for you and that you need to focus on self love in this moment ! Let me know if you have any questions at all and I hope this is the message you were looking for , love and light x

  • Hi Jodomi, what is the message for me? 🙂

  • @moonalisa hello ! So I’m not sure if you are experiencing some form of fever or hot flashes but my entire body just started gettting hot and cold at once ! I do see however a nice peaceful wooden cabin in the middle of a field of green grass and feel that is symbolism for you going into a time of relaxation and peace now , before a slightly unwanted change may come up to damper your good mood , the message I receive for you is to be prepared for this , and everything will be alright and move quite smoothly when it happens. Not sure if you have been thinking about your grandfather recently , but “Grandpa says hi!” I’m also seeing a bunch of white flowers , perhaps you recently recieved them or will be recieving them as a type of anniversary gift , or maybe you have a child that will soon be married , I get the feeling it’s related to a marriage! I am also seeing an older type of vehicle on the side of the road , my take on that is for you to let go of old habits and start new things ! I hope this message is helpful to you , let me know if there are any questions and have any feedback! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi hey gurl thanks for your reading. I have had depression in the past and it comes back from time to time that makes me super lonely. The death of my dad had a huge impact in my life I miss him and feel lonely. And for the school part yes I used to work as a teacher many years ago and I love being a teacher. Thanks of the reading. Love ya.💕

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  • @jodomi I may be mistaken but i have just had a thought that maybe this older type of vehicle on the side of the road is a metaphor for how my mum is feeling. She is no longer as active as she used to and does not have full control over her life any more due to her health deteriorating, her body and mind becoming weaker...

  • @moonalisa it may be a metaphor for her! Does she have heart and or liver problems ? I’m hoping that she doesn’t have one , but has she or someone else had heart attack recently?

  • I would absolutely love a reading 🙂 Thank you!!!!

  • @gladyouwroteme hello dear! I guess you are pretty into astrology and or horoscopes because I immediately saw stars in the night sky! Are you by chance a Sagittarius ? I also got the date December 23 does this date mean something to you? I see that you will be have a peaceful period in your life where you can finally relax , I get the feeling you study a lot and have been stressed from all of this hard work but now you will get to reap the benefits of that hard work! I’m seeing something with a lakeside house , not sure if you will be going somewhere like this soon or if you live in this type of setting, but I get the feeling it is somewhere you enjoy being! I am also feeling head pains , I am not sure if you are physically experiencing head pains constantly or if it is due to stress and anxiety, but with self care this should pass ! Are you looking for that special someone at the moment ? I get the message to take a break from your searching , and that it is better to find it when you are not looking , as that’s when it comes to you! I hope these messages were accurate and relatable to you in some way, let me know if you have any further questions or clarifications! Love and light x

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  • Hi @Jodomi , could you pick what is in store for me in the near future? (Or anything else the universe whispers to you). Thank you!

  • @moonalisa ah okay ! Maybe he was coming through to send his love ! That was the only health issue I was able to pick up , I will let you know if anything happens to come up however! I hope the reading was helpful , love and light

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