Should I trust my cancer ex?

  • We dated for 2.5 years and I broke up with him because we fought a lot, most of it was just stubbornness. We truly love and care about each other. For 3 months he kept begging for me back andd even when I was hurting I knew that we needed space so I always rejected him but he never left my side, we always stayed in touch. And now this is 6 months later, I am missing him and wanting him back in my life. He said we should take it slow and be friends first and see where that takes us, but the second time we hung out we ended up in bed and he kept telling me how much he wants to be there for me and now we’re making plans to hang out again supposedly “as friends”. I just don’t want to put myself through the heartbreak pain again, do you think a cancer man (who is almost 27) would just drag me along for the hell of it? Or is this a behavior that he wants to get back?

  • You are being used - get out for good. Face the fact that you are not being treated as someone who is truly loved and find someone who will treat you as you deserve.