I seemed to have inherited my Father's tarot reading ability

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm 43 and I read tarot. Been at it for about 15 years. However, I've always been strongly drawn to tarot and the mysteries of the universe, psychic abilities. You name it man, if has to do with the supernatural, paranormal or divination, I have learned about it.

    Also, I have never met my Father. Never even seen a photo until about 2 months ago. He split before I was born and I never had success finding him. He and my Mom were a fling so she knew very little about him.

    In March of 2019, I did a 23 and me dna test. Well I found his family (my cousins) since we a dna match, I reached put to them. Confirmed with my mom throigh photos of who my father was. I discovered that MANY of my cousins are tarot readers or palm readers. My own Father had a side buisness as a tarot reader (i never knew this!). He learned from his uncle. Unfortunately, my Father passed away 4 years ago. Funny thing, I had a dream that he passed around that time (although I never met him).

    I just found it really strange and cool that this gift was likely passed down through his side of the family. When I've visited my cousins, I fit right in. They're so much like me. We are all drawn to the same things too. Thoughts?

  • @blacknumber1
    Wow how interesting ...

    I know when I met my Birth Sister a few years ago I found out how similar Spiritually we were.. it was surprising overall ...

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