How best to start your day - Morning Rituals Fit for Each and Every Zodiac Sign

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    Rituals are special. Doing the same thing over and over again can seem banal—monotonous, even. But it’s this routine that grounds us—that imbues our behaviour with significance. If we’re willing to repeat an action every day, week, month or year, it means something to us. It matters. It must, otherwise why are we so willing to do it time and time again? Rituals may be easily overlooked—our morning routines become just that, a routine—but it’s in the moments that we actually notice them that we remember who we are, and why we do it.

    Rituals abound. We have our morning routines, our evening routines, our night-time routines, and our everything-in-between routines. We have rituals for new moons, full moons, eclipses are more. We have rituals for anything and everything—at least, we can—but no ritual pattern seems to carry the same weight that a morning routine does. Because how we spend those first few hours of our days can really impact the way we spend the rest of them; the emotional states we enter upon waking up can colour everything we do before bed.
    It pays, then, to consider how we’re passing those first few waking moments. Are we hitting snooze, rolling over and clutching our pillow wishing the morning hadn’t yet arrived? Are we scrolling through Instagram until we can summon the energy to put our feet on the floor and mosey into the kitchen? Are we alive, shooting out of bed and rushing to the coffeemaker to enjoy those first few sips of delightful, caffeinated heat before embarking on the veritable journey that lies ahead?
    Who we are is reinforced by the behaviours we choose to engage in—morning after morning, day after day. If you’ve not managed to figure out your go-to morning routine just yet, don’t fret. The zodiac has some ideas for you.
    Energetic Aries, considering starting the day with a quick workout. Your cup runneth over with excitement, so it pays to get your energy flowing the moment you wake up. Working out can help you reduce stresses, calm anxieties and release any tension you’ve been holding onto. Acting first, thinking later is typically the name of your game, and putting the priority on self-discipline first thing could help you curb some of that reactivity.
    Indulgent Taurus, try kicking off your day with a healthy breakfast—and a delightful one, at that. For you, this isn’t just about fuelling yourself with nutrients; it’s about the act of carving out space for a mindful breakfast routine every morning. A healthy, delicious breakfast—enjoyed leisurely, without haste—will give you a few moments to thoroughly pamper yourself. It will also encourage you to remain mindful throughout the rest of the day. Who needs to overindulge? Enough is as good as a feast.
    Enthusiastic Gemini, try beginning your day with a little meditation. Your mind is a jungle of brilliant thoughts, new ideas, creative curiosities. This is one of the best things about you—but it can skew overwhelming if you let the jungle grow unruly. By starting your day with a meditation, you may find it’s easier to keep that abundant intellectual activity in check. Centre yourself. Breathe. Stay calm. Grounding yourself in peace—even if just for 10 minutes—will keep you focused on the big picture, and less prone to smaller distractions.
    Deep-feeling Cancer, give yourself a moment each morning to connect with your emotions. A simple visualization or guided meditation could go a long way to grounding you in yourself. Ask yourself big questions, like, what would make today great? Deeply consider your answers. Assigning focus to the things that really matter can keep your intentions tied to what you care about most, flighty emotions be damned.
    Vibrant Leo, spend some time each morning repeating a few affirmations. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, you are smart, and you’re going to shine super bright no matter what happens. Grounding yourself in self-acceptance will protect you from the whims of self-doubt, and will keep your energy funnelled toward your values—making it easier to see opportunities as they arise, and to confidently pursue them when they do.
    Organized Virgo, spend your morning doing something that will make you feel like an absolute badass: Update your to-do list. Getting things in order immediately will remind you that you can tackle any task that comes your way, and it’ll keep you focused on your utmost priorities. Knowing everything is where it should be is an incredible way to jumpstart the rest of your morning—a boost of energy that will surely last you well into the afternoon and evening, too.
    Peaceful Libra, remember that as simple as expressing gratitude appears, it can actually do wonders for our moods and emotions. Adding a few gratitude exercises to your morning routine may prove life-changing—at the least, it’s sure to keep you focused on the lovelier parts of life. You spend so much time in the energy of others—observing those around you, and their accomplishments. But comparison is the thief of joy; don’t lose yourself in it. Remind yourself of how much you have, how much you’ve done, how much excitement lies ahead. This will keep you focused on your own magic.
    Sweet Scorpio, journaling is a must for anyone embroiled in emotions—making it a powerful addition to your toolkit. You’re apt to dive deep within; bring yourself to the surface each morning by putting all your thoughts on the page and freeing yourself of anything weighing you down. Scratching down your morning thoughts, or even mulling over the dream you had last night, can offer mental clarity—both in the morning, and later on in the day. Plus, looking back on your entries in a few weeks will help you find patterns you would’ve never otherwise discovered.
    Adventurous Sagittarius, you value exploration—so make it a priority. Carve out time every morning to read a book that fascinates you. This will give your mind an opportunity to wander somewhere new, to revel in new excitements, to indulge in a new point-of-view. If you’re not a big reader, spend some time daydreaming about your next big trip, instead. These acts are meditative without forcing stillness—a balance you’ll surely appreciate.
    Grounded Capricorn, you’re at your best when you’re calm and collected—able to dig deep and stay rooted in your priorities, rather than losing yourself in life’s little annoyances. Take some time each morning to perform a few breathing exercises. Connect to your body. Mindfully inhale and exhale. Giving yourself time to focus on this priority will strengthen you as you tackle your day; you’re a powerful force, and if a tedious challenge comes your way, remember that getting back to this state of grounded harmony is just a matter of a few more breaths.
    Thoughtful Aquarius, sometimes you crave an escape. From your life, from your brain, from everyone and everything around you. We’ve all been there. Grant yourself an opportunity to withdraw into yourself by engaging in a daily visualization. Ask yourself what your perfect day would look like—and don’t worry about how absurd or unrealistic things may seem. Play it out. All of it. Give in to your whims and chase the things that off-handedly excite you. By the end of your mental vacation, you may find yourself feeling refreshed—and you’ll gain a dose of clarity about where, exactly, your passions lie today.
    Dreamy Pisces, spend your morning surrounded by art sure to unleash every creative whim within you. Put on a song you love, listen to an interview with someone you find inspiring, meditate with a soundtrack that fills your soul emotion. Whatever emboldens you, chase it. And switch things up on a morning-by-morning basis. Mondays may call for peaceful rain sounds, and Thursdays may call for Beyoncé’s Formation. No day is—or should be—the same in your world, so indulge in the energy that presently intrigues you.

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