Just beginning tarot cards, help please.

  • Hi, I have some new cards and although I’ve had others read for me, Ive not done too many readings for myself. I’m wondering How one goes about starting readings properly? Also, how do you know what questions to ask or how to word them?? I want to do this correctly and efficiently.

    Thank you for any help you can give! 🙂

  • @hobbles76
    There are many ways to learn Tarot , which deck did you get?
    Do you have a journal? As you begin to understand the cards as individuals start doing two card spreads and then three card spreads until you are comfortable doing larger spreads .. Check out Youtube , you will see how others read, check out a variety of readers...

    Questions - open ended questions are best starting with How, Why, What and where.. Do not ask questions that require a yes/No answer eg starting with Will, Should, would and do I ....?

    There is actually no right or wrong way to read tarot only ideas that you may resonate with ....

    Check out different blogs, forums anywhere that have deck study groups ... do reading exchanges on forums, practice , practice, practice, nothing beats practice .. (do tell people you are learning...)

  • @hekatesxing
    Thank you so much for the quick response. Here are the three decks that I bought ( I felt like they were pretty and looked interesting)0_1561611274617_6C63B835-C5C0-4FA0-B94C-CB1050E02D9F.jpeg

    I hope this picture thing worked right. 🙂

  • @hobbles76
    I am working with the Chakra wisdom Tarot this is quite a deep deck involving both Chakras and Tarot ....
    Do you work with Chakras generally in meditation and reflection ?

    and it is not a normal Rider Waite smith deck or Marseille type imagery
    so it may be a little difficult to work with if trying traditional meanings.

    If you like we could work with the cards together as you go through the keywords for each card?

    Tori Hartman on her Youtube channel has a series on the the Chakra Wisdom Oracle . and works with the stories ....

    The Archangel Oracle is a great deck for working with the Keywords on the cards.

    I know the Chakra Wisdom Tarot is gorgeous but it is quite unique in it's approach and has its own system overall, there are some similarities but the imagery is quite different.

  • @hekatesxing
    Thank you so much! Should I start with the rider Waite tarot then, as I am barely beginning?

  • @hobbles76

    Not necessarily a Rider Waite or Rider Waite Smith exactly but certainly a deck that follows it's imagery .. that makes it easier to superimpose the RWS meanings upon it ... let me show you some decks I could recommend ...

    Steampunk Tarot ...

    Shadowscape Tarot ....

    Gilded Tarot

    Enchanted Tarot

    Frideborg tarot (from Lisa Frideborg's website )


    Merry day Tarot


    Osho Zen (even though the suits are different names they still follow an understanding of the meanings )

    Serafina Modern Tarot ... from her Ebay store can find her on Instagram and twitter for details .. I love this deck because of it's simplicity of the imagery.


    Vision Quest Tarot has been a great deck with it's words on the cards ...

    Native American tarot by Magda Weck Gonzales (This is the deck that helped me make sense of Tarot) ...

    The Herbal tarot - even thought there are herb references it does follow RWS imagery

    Druidcraft Tarot

    Forest Folklore

    Angel tarot by Radleigh Valentine
    This deck some differences with the titles of the cards , with the words and sentences on the cards it can make reading the cards a lot easier...

    Here are some decks I thought you may find interesting, it may give you some ideas on a theme you find drawn to ... I have shown the Fool card for every deck, there are others but these are they decks I have I could show you .... that followed closely with the RWS imagery

    Take care

  • @hekatesxing

    Thank you so much! I really like the last four the best for some reason. I’m going to see if I can find them. I like the one with the sentence on it the best I think. 🙂

    Thank you again! 🙂

  • @hobbles76
    You are so welcome .... Take care

  • @hekatesxing

    I did a reading (only my second with this deck) and I’m a little confused... can you help interpret please?!2_1562274619510_131302B9-59F9-41BF-8ACE-96A530533C88.jpeg 1_1562274619510_B7B86ABB-D565-4C89-B69B-A57B842DCC0C.jpeg 0_1562274619509_ED985CD2-10E0-4818-B3B1-AB7564A1C31F.jpeg

  • @hekatesxing
    Hopefully this is a more clear version

  • @hobbles76
    Had to pull out my own deck

    Was the Celtic Spread from The Angel Tarot book?
    The problem with the Celtic Spread it can be difficult to answer specific questions when energy may be scattered .... A smaller reading maybe a 3-5 cards would have been more specific....

    1. The Situation- Ten of Air .... It could speak of things Changing, things Ending that have been difficult ... Maybe you have not been able to embrace that things should end in some way ...

    2. Current Challenge- Knight of Water- This card can speak of News arrive that you may not appreciate... it can also speak of wanting a knight in Shining amour, wanting romance ....

    3)The Basis of the Situation Justice- this card can speak of trying to find balance, the truth of the situation, trying to make a fair decision ..

    1. The Past - Two of Earth- speaks of in the past there may have been alot going on, things felt overwhelming on some level

    2. The Present- needing to spend quiet time alone may be of value right now ...

    6)The Near Future-Nine of Air - You may find yourself expecting the worse, finding yourself fulfilling what you expect to happen.. what you focus on will happen even if it is not what you desire.

    1. Your Power of the Situation- Queen of Fire it is about you being confident, warm and not under estimating self, be independent and creative in moving ahead.. Find your inner Goddess ....

    2. The effects of other people- There seems to be self-doubt because of a others words... i also get a sense of whispers of others tells you time is of the essence ... the energy of others affects you, making you feel restless, telling you this needs your immediate attention.

    3. Your hopes/Fears- The Moon -- There are fears you are holding on to on some level, until you face those fears there may not be a clarity on your hopes... This may be a time for reflection and looking within .. Your Hopes lies within you, acknowledging where you are at this time within your cycle... trusting in your own intuition...

    4. The Outcome- The star speaks of your wishes, being optimistic and more positive overall... Things can be much happier overall as you release all what you have been holding on to emotionally ...

    Overall summary - to question- Why do Nick and I Keep gravitating back to each other ... ?
    Overall It may be because you can not embrace things completely ending... Maybe you feel he is your Knight in Shining armour, he sweeps you off your feet... you may feel he gives you the romance you desire. Maybe you are looking for balance in your life .... In the past you may have felt things were unbalanced or overwhelming.. maybe feeling like you were unsure of your priorities at the time, Now it is important you spend some moments in solitude to find your own balance ...as you move through your own negative thoughts, releasing what no longer serves you .. Time to find your own inner passions, Others thoughts seem to affect how you feel and why you keep repeating this pattern. Time to face your fears .. you may find yourself being your own worst enemy in this situation .. It is important for self-reflection on this situation ... Once you are able to release what no longer serves you, you will find some happiness, inner peace and find your inner light shines brightly ...

    Overall hope this helps ...
    *It is important when doing these type of questions do not get too complicated ... keep it simple .. try just 3-5 card spreads instead and write down the 3-5 questions you want to ask and make them into a spread ...

    Try this for self ... the question What can I do to make myself happy?

    1. What is holding me back?
    2. What gives me power? and
      3)Any additional advice that allows me to move forward ...*

    or try

    1. How do I find Self-Love?
    2. How can I stand in my Power?
    3. What gives me strength to find my own happiness?

    Each card answers a question ...
    Why do Nick and I gravitate back to each other could of been answered in one sentence or two ... so much better in maybe three cards .... Would of been more specific instead of waffling on with such a large spread...

    for example -
    Two of Fire, Four of Earth and Six of Fire ...
    Because you both are trying to move ahead, trying to find Stability and Success in your journey and you feel this relationship will give you this overall ... This is why you keep gravitating towards each others ... ...

    take care ....

  • While learning The cards start off with smaller spreads ..... the Celtic Cross is a spread that can make readings a little murky ... not with clarity

  • @hekatesxing said in Just beginning tarot cards, help please.:

    past you may have felt things were unbalanced or overwhelming.. maybe feeling like you were unsure of your priorities

    Thank you.

    Yes, the Celtic cross spread was the only one I saw other than the three card spread, so I thought more would be easier to understand... apparently I just do a lot of things the hard way...

    I have known Nick through several failed marriages between the two of us, and he admitted that he is attracted to me very much (as I have always been towards him as well), and that he thinks that I am “the one.” I think that scared me and I’m not sure that I am ready for that as I am still going through a divorce at the moment... so I am skeptical of a lot of things right now and I am having a hard time trusting...

    Thank you for the clarification. 🙂

  • @hobbles76
    You are welcome ... Yes I do not know why Tarot books concentrate on the Celtic Cross Spread when there are so many simpler spreads to use...
    I can suggest
    Angelorum site This site under Free Resources gives some great Relationship spreads that are specific ..but also other spreads that you may find helpful on your journey ... Lisa is amazing in her knowledge of Tarot

  • @hekatesxing

    Thank you again for your advice and support! 💕💗💕

  • @hobbles76
    Welcome ....

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