Hey, need advice.. Me, Aquarius woman - Him, Scorpio Male...

  • Anyone know whats going on? Cos I don't! Ireally like him, I find him very sexually attractive and the sex is good!! But!! He goes off the radar completely, then if I text him he's in front of me in a second!

    I know he picks up stuff about me, he makes little comments.. (he saw my car on such a date, where, when...) He makes clear jealous comments re other men, men who I just work with!

    We spent a couple of hours in each others company this morning, was great, then turned uncomfortable, ended with him going to the door without a kiss to me, standing there, waiting for me to do something?? No arguement or anything just he got up and walked, I said cheerio then..

    When this has happened before I just go about my business, but Im fed up with the come and go stuff.. so tell me - is he interested or not?? Or should I just get on..

  • You may have a terribly insecure sensitive person on your hands. He may have been really badly hurt before because Scorpio people are really tough folks and it takes more that he usual stuff to hurt them.. You may have to--or try to provide more loving reassurance to this person--he might have problems in showing what he needs or doesn't know how to get what he needs. If you love this person--you will know what he needs as there should be a really strong connection between you both. Don't let him constantly test you--and don't take any abuse--and give it back---I think it is a big test--to see if you will leave. Once he feels better about the relationship and that you are going to be together to work with him on this relatioship---he'll probably stop the b---!!

  • Sorry, but Scorpio people are known for being extreme jealous and power hungry, at least when not yet spiritually developed.

    I think, he is not in love, but on a power trip with you, and you should not fight with him, but just wait, open and alert, because a love contact will be right in front of you, just out of the blue.

  • Thank you so much for your insight. I think you are both right, he is testing me, he is trying to manipulate me, Im not sure for what purpose. He can be so sweet and sincere then he's offhand and cutting, hurtful. He stood there yesterday and was making sarcastic comments re my driving, and I gave him a small present I had bought him, I thought he was going to cry, he couldnt look at me, just said thank you and that he really liked it then went really quiet. I cant be doing with it really, Im an Aquarian (from everything Ive read ) through and through and I like openess and honesty, and I dont think that really great s*x can make up for the rest of the time feeling like Im being tested. ..

    I will take your advice and wait for this new man to be in front of me!

  • I had to laugh when I read your ?...I am an Aquarius women in a almost 3 year relationship with a Scorpio man, and I have to tell you that the things you are asking about need to be addressed forwardly, 1st of all this is not as negative as it might sound but there are things you need to hear about a relationship between an Aquarius & a Scorpio,the little jealous comments will always be there its a part of the Scorpios personality ,and yes it makes you feel like they are stalking you at times,then it confuses you because they also make you feel like they do not care at all at times,hmmm?.And you will always feel the greatness then the letdown,hot then cold,sweet and then cutting,and that for you at times will make you crazy,he is a dominating scorpio and you are a strong willed Aquarius,you want answers and he isnt willing to give them,until he is pushed to anyway!!He will infuriate you then turn sweet again and make you wonder why you were ever mad at him in the 1st place.He will be very loyal once he knows he wants you, but then also tries to keep it fresh by making you jealous,not by having an affair, but by talking about his past relationships almost like they are trophy's and that for an Aquarius is almost a turn off !! Hes not actually trying to cause pain ,he just wants to feel superior in the relationship .Because there is a huge difference in your personalities you will constantly be back and forth so think very hard before you take him on as a forever mate and know that it will be a constant tug of war,and for an Aquarius who likes stability and being free to be themselves this Scorpio will keep your world upside down, but then on the other hand you will never be board, Great relationship when you are on the same page,confusing and insane when your not,with no in between!!

  • Thanks Susieseep 🙂 I can see what you say, and it is true, but I cant be doing with it anymore.

    He is currently on the missing list, and to be really honest that suits me, the longer he stays away from me the easier it will be for me to cool off and get rational and ignore his call or whatever. Ive been here before, and to be honest, I feel a twinge of sorry for him, because the next time he is sending me 30 texts telling me he wants me, for me to meet him, I will ignore him. Over and Out for him, Im done.


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