Need help on tarot card reading

  • I wanted to know if my ex still miss me and will he return to me one day? We have separated for 1 year and he’s together with the 3rd party. I have drawn six of cups, ten of wands and queen of cups. Can anyone help me on the interpretation, pls?

  • @icetears I'm just a begginer with tarot, but in my humble opinion, I would say that, yes, he does miss you (6 of cups, to me, speaks of a nostalgic feeling, looking back to past happier times with loving and longing eyes). The 10 of wands, on the other hand, speaks to me of a heavy burden. Perhaps when you guys broke up the relationship was feeling worn off or tiring at some aspects, perhaps you guys had many fights about money, household or daily life stressfull topics, and the 3rd part felt like an escape to him of all these "obligations". However, with the Queen of cups, I have the impression that he still has fond feelings for you and really admires you as a partner, possibly a wife and mother. He does recognize you as a loving person, he does understand that you invested yourself on that relationship and he values this.
    I don't feel confident to make an affirmation on wether you guys will get back together by this spread, but the vibe I feel is this, to summarize: there are happy memories and bitter/heavy memories, but the feeling of fondness is still there, wich counts positive points for a possible reunion if you guys have an oportunity to get in touch after the "dust has settled", in a renewed way, leaving all burdens behind.

    But then, have you given a good consideration on wether you really want to get back with him or maybe you are also caught up on a feeling of nostalgy, but perhaps getting back together would eventually just bring up the same issues after the new honeymoon phase is over?

    Wish you best of luck anyway! And hope more experienced coleagues will share their perceptions to your question.

  • @icetears
    I am a beginner so some one else needs to provided their more experience knowledge to your reading.
    You have not stated which deck you have used which seems to be important.
    three card spread

    First card relates to self: How you perceive yourself right now - you drew six of cups,
    This card reminds us of our young self where anything was possible.

    Second card relates to the situation: Social or circumstantial factors that could be affecting your life now - you drew ten of wands
    With this card it tell you that you must do what you need to do to get completion of the task.

    Third card relates to the challenges/​Opportunities: How to turn your obstacles into opportunities - you drew queen of cups
    The card ask if it is in your best interest to reconciliation with your ex.

    you want to get back together with your ex
    At this moment in time you feel that you are ready to have another got at a relationship with you ex and feel it would take work to get the chance.
    If you do reconciliation you might find it is not what you want or need any more. You need to think about what you need.
    take care
    We on this forum understand.
    I hope others give their opinion's of the reading.
    what do you think?

  • @Icetears
    My take on the cards is that Spirit wants you to move on and focus on healing your heart. This man is in your past now.
    The six of cups is a card that speaks of the past, a relationship, sometimes a karmic one. It can also be about reminiscing about the past and fantasizing about it instead of seeing it clearly.
    The ten of wands normally shows a heavy burden. 10's are also about completion.
    The queen of cups could represent the woman he is with now, but it feels to me like it is an urging to focus on yourself and your own heart mending.

  • @jayann a 3-card draw can have many different interpretations and assignments to the positions, i.e.: past, present, future...self, other, situation...situation, advice, outcome, etc. Or they can have no specific assignment at all and be read together in one message.

  • @watergirl18
    ty for you information and advice
    I am a total beginner.

  • @watergirl18
    see I am no good at this
    This reading could be me.

  • @jayann I was not chastising apologies if it came off that way.

  • @watergirl18
    Please do not apologise
    You provided me with useful information.
    I was just stating a face as I do not seem to be able to master the ability to interperate the tarot cards,
    so take care 🤗

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