Can someone help me understand this Lenormand reading

  • I asked a timing related question to a Lenormand reader (When will I get what I want in life and finally be happy?) and the cards they pulled for me were


    The card at the bottom of the deck was Book

    Can anyone see a time frame in this reading?

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  • @hopeless things Wil improve when you change your perspective .. the Fox talks about being clever cunning, a little sassy in attitude ... while the garden speaks of being in a public place ...a gathering so like things being in the open ...and the girl do you mean child or woman?

    Child speaks of something small, little

    Woman can describe being receptive e.ergo .... Timing questions are subjective to the individual reader .and situation... I use timing questions only with tarot not with other captaincy decks unless they have timing cards....

  • Sorry typing on phone instead of laptop ..should of said cartomancy cards ...

  • @hekatesxing
    Book can talk about secrets depends whether book is closed .. on the imagery

  • Hi Hekatesxing. Some others have told me that I'm supposed to work towards what I want and only then things would start to change. Its just I don't know how to or even where to start and what t do because my goal is just unrealistic for someone in my position. I've been stuck at a dead end in life for the last 7 years. There's nothing I can realistically do to get what I want because its just unreachable.

    That's why I don't understand this reading.

    Could this reading mean that I won't get what I want? Is 'No' what the cards are trying to say?

    Anyways, thanks for your help!

  • @Hopeless
    If you feel your goal is unrealistic then no it will never happen. Why do you feel it is unrealistic? Maybe it is unrealistic for it to happen all at once, but try breaking it down into steps and take one step at a time. Is education an issue? Then sign yourself up for classes. Want to be a CEO and you currently work in the mail room? What's the next step up from mail room that you can take? Our dreams are not realistic if we are ready to put in the necessary energy/work to do our part and then to also have PATIENCE.

    I am not familiar with the "Girl" in LeNormand, just the "Woman". If it truly is a girl then coupled with Fox and Garden it would suggest growing up and maturing, being smart and strategic about the actions you take and reaching out to or building yourself a network of people who can help.

    Lastly, from a spiritual growth perspective, thinking that you will only be happy once you attain this goal is problematic and probably an obstacle to getting what you want. You must be happy first. Nothing and no one can make you happy, that comes from within not without.

  • @watergirl18 said in Can someone help me understand this Lenormand reading:

    Our dreams are not realistic if we are NOT ready to,,,

  • @hopeless
    If your goals seem unrealistic to you then that is what is stopping you to achieve what you want, what you desire... Your beliefs make such a difference to how you achieve your goals .. The best thing to do is look at what is possible, break the goal into smaller parts and do one step at a time ...

    You answer your own question each time you say your goal is unreachable... By changing your perspective changes can take place.. Change what you think about yourself .
    SO as You keep saying My Goal is unreachable the answer is NO ...

    if you were able to say " I am going to reach my goal by first knowing what Steps I must take..." things will begin to shift .... what is the first step you must take to get where you want to be ...

    For example- I wanted to own my own business.. I first started off in sales and worked my way up to buyer, head of department, then Sales Manager, Staff Trainer, looked at different areas of the department store.. included I did Retail certificates and other business courses... I worked on Cosmetics to get the ability to do A Make-up business, then included Massage, aromatherapy etc and moved onto other aspects, one step at a time then in 1999 started my own business ... I started this process in 1985 ... at 16/17 .... it does not mean it will take so long for you .. but it is one step at a time to make things move in the right direction

  • Thanks to both of you for the responses. I understand what you're saying. Also sorry for the late response. Best wishes.

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