NEW Love Tarot Reading on!

  • Introducing the BRAND-NEW Two Hearts Tarot Reading from!

    Featuring interpretations by Tarot expert Coleman Stevenson, creator of the Dark Exact deck, this unprecedented Tarot reading reveals the energy between you and your love interest at this very moment.

    You'll pull one card for you and one card for your significant other to reveal what's going on in each of your personal worlds right now ... then comes the amazing part! After that you'll actually learn how the two cards work together to influence what's happening in your love situation right now! Never before has a Tarot reading been able to deliver custom interpretations and advice for a combination of cards. It's the most in-depth love insight you can receive from the Tarot!

    Click on the image below to start your new Two Hearts reading now and see what it reveals about YOUR love connection...

    alt text

  • @tarotadmin
    Has anyone tried this new spread/reading?

  • @jayann
    my energy : Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action
    their energy: Balance, moderation, patience, purpose

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