This Is What Motivates Your Zodiac Sign For Success

  • Leadership
    It doesn’t take much to fire up an Aries, they are naturally energetic people who like giving things their all. However, as long as Aries feels like they’re not in a position of leaderships, there’ll be an extra bit of drive in them. People born under this sign are natural leaders and being anything else is an uncomfortable position for them.
    Physical Comfort
    The ultimate goal for Taurus in life is complete security, a position of comfort which nothing and nobody can take away from them. While Taurus born people already enjoy the finer things, there’s always more to want after in this life. Knowing that there are people living the life they should be living is enough to get a Taurus back to work!
    Fear of Solitude

    While other people call you an immature sign zodiac, you know that you just want to have a bit of fun from time to time. Work may not necessarily be one of your favourite aspects of life but you know it has to be done, so you do it. Spending time with others is what you enjoy and you realise that you’ll eventually get left behind by your friends if you don’t pull your weight and contribute to society. Solitude is your kryptonite and biggest motivator!
    Family and Friends

    Cancer would easily spend the whole afternoon just chilling on the couch if there weren’t certain obligations in life. While the thought of leaving a daydream to go to work isn’t that appealing, Cancers understand that doing well and earning money is a means to improve the home and family environment. Keeping that lush mansion at the forefront of their minds is a good motivator for Cancer.
    Life is quite simple for Leo’s actually: they ought to be the greatest. This proud zodiac sign gets slightly wrapped up in its own image, assuming that other people are equally expectant of them to do well in life. When they aren’t cruising through life, a part of them feels as if they’ve let down other people and their expectations. Of course, nobody thinks this, but it certainly motivates our lion friends.
    This hard-working and intelligent zodiac sign also often has issues surrounding their self-worth and confidence, so they feel like there’s constant room for improvement. While Virgo is already hard-working by nature, knowing they serve a use brings them satisfaction. For many people they’re Mr/Mrs Dependable and hearing grateful words of thanks is enough to keep them motivated.
    With harmony and equality being two notions central to the Libra personality, your happiness is, to a degree, linked to the happiness of those around you. Keeping those people around you happy and motivated generates the same effects in yourself. Even if you have to work overtime to finish it, you promised you’d get that project finished by today and there’s no way you’d let them, or yourself, down.
    Scorpio’s motivation for going to work is the same as their motivation for looking through their partner’s phone – reassurance. Scorpio is an extremely passionate water sign that puts their heart and soul into everything they do – they just need to know that their energy isn’t misplaced. Scorpios know that as long as they aren’t in control, there’s a chance of betrayal!
    Life without limits
    Sagittarians aren’t people who react well to constraints or limits, so their ultimate motivator is the promises of pure freedom. You have a strong idea of the kind of life you want to lead and know that it’s possible with enough work and dedication. Each time Sagittarius passes a check point they broaden their horizon to a new goal, which helps keep that motivation.
    Natural Drive
    Capricorns are such naturally driven people that they don’t really need too much motivation to achieve their goals. As one of the most successful zodiac signs, hard work and ambition are traits innate to Capricorn. In fact, it’s the guilt of not working during holidays which is arguably their biggest motivator
    Aiding Others
    Labelled the humanitarian of the zodiacs, Aquarius biggest motivator in life is helping avoid the suffering of others – even if their job description isn’t in the aid sector. While this independent zodiac sign often needs their moments of solitude, Aquarius are highly empathetic people who actively concern themselves with the wellbeing of others. Knowing their position has the power to help is enough to motivate them to go further.
    Positive Reinforcement
    This water sign doesn’t need much motivation to do things which other people might put off. As the most caring and compassionate sign, they’re often more than ready to give you a helping hand if you need one. With Pisces being one of the more insecure zodiac signs, positive reinforcement also plays a part as completing tasks gives them a great sense of self-worth and usefulness.

  • @jayann SPOT ON

  • I am Taurus, but I certainly want more from life than physical comfort (though who in their right mind wants to be uncomfortable?) I want inner peace and serenity, not a lot of possessions and money. But I think my Pisces moon exerts more influence on me than my Sun.

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