Would appreciate an update reading from anyone available to do one. Thank you.

  • I would like a reading to touch base on my most recent breakup. Its been about 6 weeks or so since my breakup with someone of 9yrs. My ex gave me several contradicting statements as to why he was ending the relationship. Leaving myself and several of friends/family members on both sides feeling like there was some hesitance in breaking ip. Now that the energies have calmed down some, i am hoping on some clarity as to why he broke it off. How is he thinking/feeling now? Has behind the scenes circumstances changed? If so, how? And what does the near future show? Im 40yr old, born nov 10th and he 39yr, born dec 2nd

  • At the moment, this man is feeling too overwhelmed to make any sensible or big decisions. He just wants to get away from all responsibility and difficulties. He is in escape mode. Whether he will return to 'real life' or just keep on running away is not clear at this point. He has not decided if he can cope.

  • @thecaptain. Yes we all are confused. He is taking care of his son practically all by himself. He has stepped up to the plate. All these problems basically started when his sons mom moved to ohio. And his boy would tell lies to his mom. Back in november she went as far as to threaten that if (D--) is still with me as of jan 1st that she will take his son back with her. Now she didnt follow thru on that threat but its plausible that she may have went that route again. Cause he almost acted like he didnt want to leave me. And dropped some hints. If there ever was a time he would likely leave it was many times prior to all this baby mama drama

  • @vettech78 I helped out alot with his son, and took care of the household with him. Now without me there he has even more responsibilties/burdens. He has to pay for babysitting so he can work, does household chores himself, helps his boy with his homework, cares for all the pets( im a vet tech) lol, and im also a good cook. His life was easier with me around. If
    If this guy is trying to avoid responsibilities then he just totally shot himself in the foot by breaking it off with me. And now without me his fiances are tighter as well.

  • @vettech78 he feels he can only support one person at a time and he has chosen his son as he is so young and cannot stand on his own.

    Who has actual legal custody of the boy?

  • @thecaptain. Well i just heard a rumor, and need to know if its true. Can you give a reading about unknown circumstances

  • @vettech78 what are the unknown circumstances?

  • @thecaptain. Hello, about those unknown circumstances, my exboyfriends aunt likes to gossip, and sometimes, she isnt correct. I cant accuse her of lying or just misunderstanding she was wrong about a couple things, where i noticed this. See, she is married to my ex's uncle. They lived in the area in southern ohio where we had recently moved. She remembers D@# and his brothers from when they were younger and badly behaved. During the 9yrs we were together she only saw D@# like one time. And i never met her prior to our move down there. Anyway, she told me my ex moved w/ some woman.

  • @vettech78 if a man is still unsure after 9 years of relationship then I must say he is not worth it. 9 years is a very long time. He is a man child. Leave him and spare yourself from further heart ache. He will never commit as he is still living in his past or may be he has some other plans which doesnot includes you. You are not getting back those 9 years you have wasted on this man child.

  • @vettech78 - his ex?

  • @vettech78 have you had any recent contact with your fiance?

  • @thecaptain. Yes. But our communication hasnt given me answers

  • @vettech78 did he say if he will return to you?

  • @thecaptain. We dont talk about our "relationship". I have been advised that i should kinda apply the "no contact rule". I will text however about little things and not very often. Or else he wont ever get the chance and time to truly miss me. But i would like to. Know if the rumors are true? and if so, how long, who? Etc..

  • @vettech78 I feel his thoughts are more on his job, acquiring financial security and making money at the moment than relationships. He can be a terrible flirt though which can make other people think he is sleeping around.

  • @thecaptain. So his aunt is lying? He had text me saying he had moved about 20 min away and that he is a little depressed, and that he is moving more north(more my way) in a couple months. He denied living with a girl. I responding to his moving comment with "what about your girlfriend?" He said "he didnt know" im not sure if he said that by accident or what. So why is his aunt trying to make stuff up about him?

  • Your faith in this man seems easily shaken on very little evidence. You have to trust this guy or you have nothing good between you, only suspicion and distance.

  • @thecaptain. Yes iv learned, that before you can accuse someone you need more proof. I havnt had too much trouble trusting him over the years. Now there was an incident couple years back that caused the latest tiff between he and my family. My family and he were going camping friday nights ahead of me, cause i had to work on saturday morningd then i would head out. Anyway my little sister(who is 30yrs old) has accused of him sexually harrassing(hitting on her). One of those incidents included him being drunk and making comments to her. Now this he had fessed up to, said it was wrong, didnt mean it etc... now that we are broken up, my mom has been saying that if i ever get back together with him that she will disown me. My ex has had issues with my family in the past due to his mouth. He admits to a certain degree how his mouth can get him into trouble

  • @thecaptain. Im sorry i dont give you tons of info and detail when asking for the readings. My old friend/former pyschic always told me to give as little info as possible as to not skewer the readings. I never really did figure out how much is to much

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