Travel guide books vs travel sites (travelsites, fodor, etc)

  • Hi,

    I am planning my first trip to Europe and I am wondering whether I should buy travel guide books (Anthony Ham, Lonely Planet Spain) or I can just simply do my research on travel sites like travelsites or Travelocity.

    Also, Any suggestions where I might be able to purchase a poster with all the Chinese horoscope characters, the years and maybe even the characteristics??


  • @thepoorguyharry
    I do not know where to purchase the posters.
    As for travelling to Europe; you must remember that Europe is a big place like North America. Instead of buying a book how about a "kindle" or a "kindle cloud reader" where you download the information you are interested in. I use TripAdvisor as a reference to places and venues but i am sure the sites you mentioned will be helpful. The more sources you use the better you will understand the places you want to visit.

  • So this is a list of all the websites that many people have found during planning your trips.
    wikkitraval,tripadvisor, lonelyplanet, are the best site for the travelling research.
    Lonely Planet- is my last resort website. They seem too high handed. And generally they have had a bad experience going to all those places that have been recommended by Lonely Planet
    and if you want more more prediction then visit this site and get more information and you take consultence India Best Astrologer related any kundali prediction

  • @thepoorguyharry great topic one thank you.

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