Cancer men .

  • My boyfriend and I have been together since December, we both had just gotten out of a toxic relationship. Everything with us is always great and happy and fun. He recently lost his job so he’s been up and down with his emotions and he’s been breaking up with me every time he gets overwhelmed or upset. I recently found out I was pregnant , we always talked about a future together, we met each other’s sons, he has 1 and I have 1. It’s been nothing but love, when he found out he told me to get rid of it and broke up with me, I knew it was because he was in his feelings. He disappeared for about 2 weeks, he came back and said he wants this family, we were great again until yesterday when he broke up with again without a reason, he brought up the abortion again, but now I might be going through a miscarriage. Now he’s ignoring my calls and texts. i Know he still loves me because he never says he stopped and he’s not disrespectful but I don’t know what to do. I know cancer men get in a shell when stressed out. Will he come back, should I let him know I’m still here for him and checkup on him or give him his space?

  • You have seen his pattern of behaviour. There is not going to be a miraculous turnabout. The question is now - "Can you tolerate a relationship with someone who always bails when the going gets tough, a fair-weather friend who will not be around when you need him?"
    Why are you willing to be there for him when he doesn't return the favour - in other words, you are all giving and he is all taking?

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