Virgo man hot and cold?

  • I’m a cancer and I’ve known this man for about 5 years. He’s always been hot n cold and when I’m annoyed or upset with him, he becomes really friendly. Last year we started having sex regularly (fwb) and its amazing! He gets hot n cold with that too always saying he thinks we should’nt but eventually comes back for more. When we’re out with our mutual friends he can he distant with me but friendly with everyone else. I also feel like he judges me harsher than he does others. I’ve tried to talk to him but communicating isn’t his strong point. I see him regularly but I never know what side of him I’m going to get. If I can’t have consistency, I want to understand why he treats me so differently than everyone else and why so hot n cold. He’s been hurt before and I don’t think he’s over it so I don’t know if he has feelings for me and it scares him? If I understand it, lit’ll make dealing with him so much easier.

  • Can you provide both your dates of birth?

  • This post is deleted!

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