Reading on spinsterhood

  • unsettled so tried again to do a tarot reading
    Spread from online
    Self-Healing Bottom Line Tarot Reading
    deck: Lover path
    Question: Why can I not Love
    higher power: three of coins - medication
    situation: ace of wands - something is going to happen
    self: five of coins - false hope
    advice: two of swords - Do not make decisions
    lesson: nine of cups - gratitude for all the support of one's friends,

    I think this says that things are changing but I must think things through carefully.

    I am sure I read the above somewhere. @TarotNick

  • Did you ask why you cannot love or why you cannot find love - two very different questions?

  • @thecaptain
    the question was "why I cannot love"
    " love" being protection, deep affection, empowerment.
    I am feeling very alone, victimised, powerless,

  • @jayann Hang in there gurl! I hope every thing fall in to places for ya. I have so many unmarried family members in my family- my aunt(58), one of my uncles(56), My cousin(55), another cousin(60)...They are infact very happy in their life now. They never had the urge to get married or have children. People are different though. But I really hope you do get what you want. Stay positive and try to surround yourself with positive people. Never stop dreaming. You never know what life has to offer to you next. ❤

  • @anon-undertaker-0
    ty for yr kind words

  • @jayann you can love, you are just afraid to. Fight the fear and find love.

  • @jayann Anytime.❤

  • @jayann Finding and looking are different. I think it's always better to find love on your own time, terms, etc. I don't think I'm the best reference on this subject, just writing my thoughts. Love may or may not happen, esp the right kind. That's the goal--the right one. I think you'll know when and if it does.

  • @jayann
    Thank you everyone for trying to help.
    This year has been hard and I am once again am feeling alone.
    This past week I feel like I am in the middle of an ocean swimming but cannot see any land, ship etc. So swimming is a waste of time.
    RELAX I am not suicidal just lost.
    Take care everyone.

  • @jayann
    Yesterday I was watching one of my tv programme and the lady in the reality programme said "one has to accept that one is going to be alone"

  • Hi jayann,

    I am going to positive side... one has to love oneself (yes repeating myself) but there are many ways outside the box to be with others.... plenty of people here care. Smile and figure what works for you, there are many options.


  • Jayann, we all have our own journeys, so yes all of us must travel our personal journeys alone. Its not sad, its not even lonely. This is what life is, but this also means none of us are alone, we are all doing the same thing. I love this paradox. I think you should ask yourself, what if you had gotten married and had 6 children? How do you know you wouldn't feel the same way you do now? Its highly likely you might feel worse. You would still be required to do the internal work, alone. People like husbands and children tend to magnify our issues even more, so you really have to be aware of whose issues you are dealing with. The work is even harder. Do you tell yourself all of your friends who are married with children are living a "better" life? if so, you are believing a lie. I don't have any friends who are married with or without kids who are not, or have not struggled through life. You isolate yourself when you make assumptions, whether it be about people, about life situations, or whatever. We all do this to a degree. Like- "oh well she has a great husband and kids, she has everything. She got everything she wanted, she doesn't feel lonely or sad, or have regrets" etc. Do you see how detrimental this line of thinking is to your ability to connect with others?

  • @tarotnick
    Nice I love you, @TarotNick ,
    and the others (@TheCaptain. @Daliolite. @Andidilly …………….
    But please shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • @andidilly
    When I was a child around 4 or 5 year old y mother use to curse me everyday.
    How she wanted a blond blue boy not me
    That I would have half a dozen children and she would not help me.
    She screamed this at me everyday until she put me into boarding school.
    The saying "you never know what goes on behind closed doors"
    also "the grass is greener on the other side"
    My problem has nothing to do with others but a statement of fact.
    I am alone (physically and mentally), have always been alone and will be alone. This leaves me venerable to abuse.
    Because of my mothers behaviour, I have always wanted my own family and to me that meant a husband (someone committed to helping me bring up the children) and children.
    When I got to 30 years old children when out the window,
    But I still hoped for marriage
    When I was diagnosed with a incurable illness marriage went out the window as well.
    So I am alone, have always been alone and will die alone.
    I celebrate what my friends have marriage, children, grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren.
    I am not jealous, I just have unfulfilled dreams want and needs, which will never come to pass.
    That is how the cookie crumbled, karma, the will of God, whatever. Statement of fact.

  • @jayann I am really sorry about your childhood, I hate to think of children not receiving love they deserve, its tragic, I had a similar upbringing, but like my dad always said, “girl, you have a backbone of steel.” I chose to take it as a compliment, even if it wasn’t, lol!
    I am pretty sure I never accused you of being jealous, that never crossed my mind actually. The only thing I was hoping to point out was your certainty of seemingly everything! I was hoping you might examine why you believe what you do. I guess in my original response I went about that in a long and wordy way. Mainly I meant to get across, that we all have beliefs that hold us back, and keep us unnecessarily separated.

  • @andidilly
    please relax I am not offended.
    you are right you did not say I was jealous.
    I was and am saying that I am not jealous. envious of what other have.
    I just dreamed of, wanted, and need marriage or committed relationship and children, neither of which I got.
    All my life I have been alone, an outsider.
    If I did not do things by myself I would have had no life
    unfortunately somethings single people are barred from so one needs a partner and or family.
    that is a fact of life

  • Alright, I will. I thought by you bringing this topic up, over and over, you seemed to want to hear you were wrong, like you needed some reassurance that even you questioned yourself, but I misunderstood.

  • @andidilly
    ty for your kindness

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