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  • Hi Everyone
    I wonder if some of you would do me a reading on spinsterhood. Spinsterhood is the hand which life has deal me and as I try to plan my future I had to and have accepted that being a spinster is what my life is meant to be.
    Thank you so much for your time and help.

  • Hi Jayann,

    May I ask a question? You know I am going to give you my thoughts....hahaha, Like I tell my girls, Love yourself first. When I see this I see the word as negativity and I want to ask what can you change to be an attractor? if you want to share your life or love. Find happiness and that will be transmitted and people will be attracted. Volunteer in giving if you want to help little ones. Not all paths are straight and if you are happy with you that is a place to start...and because we don't know what will happen maybe you need something to grow and looking at this from a different angle may be the trigger. Make it positive...

  • @tarotnick
    You are saying what 99% of the population will say. Unfortunately I have had to accept that I will be single for my whole life. By doing this I will prioritise my resources to rebuilding my life so that I can at lease have a secure home. I not longer have the resources to waste, resources being my physical energy, money, time. Everyone and everything in my life has to be of practical for me so that every second of my life is positive. My time for time wasting was when I was younger so that I would marry and have children. Now it is time to be practical and surround myself with people who are there for me.
    So spinsterhood
    as in an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage. Definition of Marriage being a union between two people at the exclusion of all others to give birth to children. Therefore, I am a spinster, unwedded, · single, · spouseless, · partnerless ·, husbandless, · unattached, ·celibate.
    Living a life without compromise.

  • @jayann Hi Jayann, I am not sure if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not. I've come to believe in it more recently than ever because I've seen it in action. Looking back, it's always been there in my life, but I was almost always operating from a place of lack. I now believe it's why I stayed there for so long. My childhood programming had me believing that I was never enough.
    I believe we attract into our lives the things and people we think about most. Whether we think good thoughts or negative ones, it comes true.
    For me, I believed that I would always have to work extra hard and earn my comfortable living. Working 60-70 hour work weeks did that, but I was always exhausted and withdrawn from the pleasures in life. I wasn't happy but I was living comfortable. It wasn't until I quit my job and pursued working for myself that I realized how my thoughts turned into truth. If I went to look at a job and felt confident, I immediately got the job no matter what price I quoted. On the other hand, if I was feeling self conscious or doubted my ability at all, I almost never landed the work. I always got what I needed though.
    Have you ever heard of Abraham (Esther) Hicks? I just stumbled onto her/him recently and being the skeptic that I am, I have a hard time chewing on all of it, but their messages are clear... after listening to several youtube videos I started applying their advice. I would highly recommend a listen if you never have. You could always take what resonates and leave the rest. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Jayann,

    My filter says to leave this subject alone...but I am stubborn and I am not listening. In this choice do you Love yourself?
    What ever you name it, it comes down to a choice... if that makes you happy then it is not negative. It would be your choice if that makes your life where you can live it. Then I will be happy for you... you don't have to do what you think everyone else does. I know I am very different, but I am comfortable with it so it is ok. If you want to share bits of love go volunteer to where situations help people. Then when you are done you can go back to your choices and be comfortable. There are many solutions for each problem...find one that works for you and be comfortable with it. Love yourself....

  • @uniquelyaquarius
    ty for your reply
    😗 😽 😚 😙

  • When you think of yourself mainly in one way - a spinster or married, white or black. heterosexual or homosexual, rich or poor, smart or dumb, fat or slim etc. it becomes all that you are, not just a part of the exceptional and amazing multi-faceted child of God that you really are. Don't put yourself in a small box or limit what you can do if you want, Jayann. We are all greater than even the sum of our parts. We are capable of anything.

  • @jayann, every one of us must accept and surrender to what we are dealt. BUT, it really does matter how you frame up your life. Everyone says to change your view of yourself because it seems you are so unhappy with where you are at. I bet all of us responding have been in your shoes, meaning we have all hated where we were at, at multiple points in our lives. In empathizing with you, we understand how difficult it is. Truly.
    However, when one chooses to no longer be a victim of their life, a person sees immediate, life changing, positive results. It’s so true, I am not trying to sell you some fairly tale book ending. I am a highly skeptical, cynical person at times, and my own life has been transforming, with the simple change of how I view myself, and what I believe is possible. Our beliefs shape our reality. So examine your beliefs and views very carefully, make it a practice. And banish the word spinsterhood from your vocabulary, Unless you love what it means.

  • Thank you everyone I am sure you are trying to be kind.

    Unfortunately my health both physical and mental must come first. It was is my life path, God';s will, destinaty or karma I that remain single. It has been decades since the components which make up marriage for me has ceased to apply.

    I did all I could when I was younger to get married I even found someone I wanted to be with


  • Why does bachelorhood sound so exciting and jolly, while spinsterhood is likened to being undesirable and not wanted? Double standards, eh?

    Are you not simply choosing to go your own way without having to answer to anyone else?

  • @thecaptain

    what you said is spot on

    yes being on my own is the best thing as I can control my environments, so I can feel and be safe.

  • I misunderstood, I thought you were unhappy about being uncoupled, it sounds like you enjoy being single though, and you should! remaining unmarried, and uncoupled doesn’t seem like a problem to me. I love my freedom and choice to eat cereal every night for dinner without someone complaining about it. 😂
    Captain, I totally agree with you. I think things have changed a lot though, I don’t think women, in my country worry about being bachelorettes forever. I think women seem to take on the burden of keeping a relationship healthy though, hopefully that starts equalizing more.

  • @andidilly
    No you did not totally misunderstand.
    yes I wanted marriage. children and home but this did not happen. I have been living alone by myself following a problem in 1990. I was contented until 2016. Last year I suddenly found that I was "LONLEY" for the first time in my life. I am now desperate to get back to how I felt before 2016, where I did what I wanted as I am the only one I have to account to.
    Marriage etc is no longer an option because of health reasons.

  • @jayann, hmm interesting. Maybe its time to make some sort of change, instead of going back to the way it was? Change is so hard! I am sorry you feel lonely. I have felt that way as well.

  • Jayann, I am getting a strong premonition of a wonderful, kind, smiling man coming into your life. He will be something to do with helping you with your situation but he will be more than just interested in your circumstances. he is someone who wants to make things right for other people but I feel he will fall heavily for you because of who he sees you are.. Possible name - Frank and/or Robert (s) with salt-and-pepper hair.

  • @andidilly
    So sorry to hear that you too have been bitten by the lonely bug,
    I hope you are doing better no
    take care.

  • @thecaptain
    ty I think
    I keep business and personal separate and while I need a lawyer to help me sort out some problems.

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