Will there be a change in my love life in 20010-advice

  • I am curious to see if my love will change or will it remain the same. I asked tarot will there be a change in my love life in 20010. This was its response. If anyone can assist me it will be great.

    Love & Me: Queens of Coins

    love situation: 8 of swords

    Love challanges: 5 of cups

    Foundation: The Moon

    Recent Past: Nine of Wands

    Higher Power: Three of Swords

    Neart future: Queen of cups

    Blocks & Inhibitions: The Hanged Man

    Significant Other: The Fool

    Advice: Ten of Coins

    Long-term Potential: Queen of Wands

    In addition, what tarolt card will tell you about getting married?


  • I am reposting this, to see if I get answers, my love life has not been good lately. I want to know if I will fair better next year. Thanks in advance.


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