Is this Virgo man done or just upset??

  • Hello, I need a little advice!!

    I have been talking to a virgo guy. We go to the same college, and most recently we've been texting almost daily for 2.5 months, long texts about random things/ sometimes flirty etc, and in person we'd also joke around and were friendly etc. And he seemed interested.??

    We then made a joking basketball bet, and he later texted "loser buys coffee". He won that bet and then texted "so wheres my coffee?", we arranged a time to meet and get it in a weeks time, at a specific place but we hadnt set the hour/time yet.... we continued texting all fun and great.

    Fast forward to a few days before the day, our texts were lively, and then one day I saw him at the gym but I didnt really acknowledge him cause I was a little overwhelmed that day. I left without saying bye and then ended up going to work. I texted him back very later that night after work, to which he never replied....he then essentially ghosted for a few days.

    I texted him and asked if he was alright, and he replied back and seemed nice/polite, said how he was working on homework etc. though I know hes been very active on social media all of those days and clearly not that busy. I brushed it off and then asked if we were still on for our coffee which was supposed to be the next evening sometime....He responded the next day (day we were supposed to meet) at 3pm saying "yeah we're on, can we do it after the blue jays game though? (he wanted to watch it i guess). I said no i made other plans cause i didnt get a response from him and wished him a great night.... and no reply, again.

    Since then we didnt speak. I am now confused. Did I upset him by not talking to him that one day? Did he lose interest within 24 hrs?? How do I proceed?

  • If a guy is really into you, he will pursue you until he gets you or is rejected, no matter what sort of study or work he is involved in.

  • @thecaptain oh for sure. thing is this guy was trying and seemed great up until last week and i cant tell what happened that quickly...

  • @mssykes if you give me both your dates of birth, I can look further into this situation.

  • @thecaptain is there any way I can PM you? I dont feel comfortable sharing my details in a public forum like this lol

  • This site doesn't have a PM facility., I don't think.

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  • if a guy really loves then he will approaches you until you rejects him or accepts him

  • Unfortunately, relationships with emotionally closed partners are not uncommon.

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