TheCaptain: could I have your advise on dreams, please

  • How are you? I'd like just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you've given me, and I'm sure countless others. You are truly amazing and generous with your gifts.

    So, I've been practicing meditation for about 6 months now.. I'm able to center myself more regularly as of recently, but my question is in regards to sleeping.
    I've come to believe that sleep is not really for resting but more for a respite from momentum of the Law Of Attraction. However, sometimes (or more often than not, lately) I wake up from nightmares that throw my emotional set point off. I'm terrified and my monkey mind (like a hamster on a wheel) sets in immediately. I'm able to find clarity again after meditating sometimes.
    I wondered if you have any advise on how to put these subconscious thoughts and emotions at ease? Do the dreams signify something that I should be facing in the daylight? And if so, how could I address this negativity and manage staying on the path of least resistance?
    I want so badly to be coming from a place of unconditional love. I know I have my work cut out for me and a lifetime of lessons, but I would like to finally walk away from my past and fully stay in the present.

  • forgive the intrusion dear Captain!
    This is a topic all can relate to and one of my favorite. In our quest to be ever positive and in control, which seems as a great spiritual accomplishment we can inadvertently ignore the needs of our mind body and Spirit to WALK THROUGH our trauma and pain. It is real and not meant to be tapped gone with a magic meditation wand that erases it. Trauma has an effect down to our DNA and the goal is to walk through it in small doses and THEN use spiritual habits as help to keep us from drowning in the effects of our worst traumas. Nightmares are often a result of being TOO STRONG. Whatever the trauma, it needs its time for feeling and bringing to the light so it truly can heal. The issue is with how much you allow to feel and it is best to make room for small deep felt wails of pain and grief. Then after just a healthy dose to then engage all your spiritual helping good medicine to lift you back up and moving on. The goal of trauma is to walk through it, feel it in small doses and not drown in it but to just avoid it will result in horrible nightmares. I hope this helps.

  • What do you remember about these nightmares, other than the feelings of terror they inspire in you?

  • BLMOON your words are so insightful. Thank you!!
    I'm really trying to put this into action. After reading what you wrote the tears came pouring out in such a massive sob. I had no idea I was pushing it all away. My goal has been to allow myself to feel but in all reality I think I mostly focused on moving ahead. I've lived a LOT of years in trauma, of course about half of those years with me being the culprit due to my vibration. Attracting more of the same types of abuse that reflected my childhood.
    I'm trying to be strong for my child, but I never meant to be TOO STRONG.. I want to teach myself to heal and fully stay present so that I can be the example before he spends the rest of his life as lost and confused as I was.
    Feeling trauma in small doses has been a goal and I think sometimes the mental workout pushes me to shut down or run away... become numb.. and apparently without even noticing. I want so badly to take my happiness back, if that is, I've ever truly known it in my life.
    I will continue trying to work this mental muscle and make it stronger, so that someday the "small doses" of feeling can be possible. I will say that meditation has greatly reduced the debilitating reactions of PTSD and before practicing mindfulness I went through years of therapy and tried many other avenues for relief. When I'm centered enough to find clarity in thought it's the best feeling I've ever known.
    I really appreciate you offering your advise. As hard as it was to hear it, I needed to. Thank you very much

  • @thecaptain most of my nightmares have to do with being chased by a man in a mask. In the beginning of my dream it feels as though I know I'm dreaming, but somehow I get caught up in it. Sometimes I'm in a dark basement with a flashlight (assuming this might be my subconscious.. literally) and sometimes I'm outside. He'll briefly show himself to me, or I'll catch a glimpse of him getting closer to me and I run.
    Do you think if I caught myself at the beginning and faced him that it would be the equivalent of facing my fear? I'm not even sure I could, because he's just terrifying, but assuming I could..

  • @uniquelyaquarius
    Your dream validates that you are dealing with hidden emotions. The mask represents that the danger is being kept unknown and that what you are running from is not in the light of your consciousness.. In all dreams parts of a house always have meanings. The basement always represents lower states of awareness and whatever you are dealing with is at the bottom of your waking consciousness. It's clear that you DO run from this man who represents your trauma who would hurt you so in real life you are avoiding the possibility of feeling your trauma as a protection, that's how you once survived. When we survive any abuse or trauma like death of a loved one we develop survival mechanisms that get us by but when we are long past the situation and ready for healing it is hard to shift gears. The trauma is ready to be healed when our higher self feels strong enough to finally face it . Your dreams will adjust as you lighten up on yourself and grieve when it's necessary.Be gentle with yourself and realize that having a crazy day is not always a sign you are failing. I survived many traumas myself including abuse and the death of a child. At some point I had horrifying nightmares about my son's death and talked to a psychiatrist and he explained the nightmare and he told me what I told you that I was being too strong and pushing through determined to sanely get through it and it was best not to deny my crazy days. He was right. I was always the together person in all situations so it was about surrender. Once I stopped judging my occasional crazy days and appreciated just how well I was doing the nightmares stopped. He was right.

  • A dream of trying to get away from someone when you are being chased is a fairly common one, and what it means may not be as frightening as the reality that you are running away from. We dream as a way to process memories, thoughts, emotions and sensory information while we sleep. The images of dreams are often just symbols for things that are going on in our lives.

    In a dream of being chased by a man, the man is not necessarily a literal male person whom you know (or not) that you are running from. Instead, the person chasing you represents your problem. What you are being chased by can be different in a dream about being chased. Sometimes, you may not even know what, or who, is chasing you, only that you are running away from it in fear.

    Fear, in a psychological sense, means that you need to confront something, but you lack the faith in your own abilities to do it. Look at your dreams as a message that is being sent to you from the Universe via your brain to help you with whatever you are dealing with right now. Trying to break away from old habits and old patterns of behaviour can be what your dreams about being chased mean. Let go of your old, worn-out ways and move on to being happy, accountable and focused on your best future.

    Holding on to old ways of acting, like envy, jealousy, frustration, and patterns of anxiety may be holding you back from becoming a better person. When you can acknowledge that you need to change and you decide to try, you will stop having dreams about being chased. Your dreams about being chased can also mean that you need to be far away from where you are now and heading in a future direction. That could mean a physical move, or it could just mean making progress toward your goals, whatever they are.

    Something is literally driving you to go on, but you are fearful of making the change. These dreams could be a way of seeing the Universe as pushing you to say ‘Yes’ to whatever it is that you are resisting.

  • @thecaptain I have a lot of work to do.. A lot of self reflection and journaling. You're message is very clear and at the same time it all feels like it could need fixing.
    Old habits, unprocessed emotions, physical location..
    I think these are some of the big ones that need my attention. You were right to say that my fear in reality is much bigger than this man in my nightmares. You've given me some hope that I can fix this. Thank you so much

  • @blmoon your responses have grounded and inspired me. To think, we all go through trials in life to learn and grow but mine seem so trivial to me in comparison to what you've shared. My heart goes out to you, and I can't seem to find the right words to express how sorry I am for your loss. You are an inspiration to all mankind for healing yourself, and you shine so brightly for others to find their way.
    I can relate to not allowing myself the crazy days. I always want to tell myself that I'm not aloud to let myself go, and it does feel like I'm failing my loved ones. The tears that came to me when I read your first response were so powerful. It was automatic like someone turned on a switch and afterwards I felt a 100lb weight had been lifted off of me. I cried again today a bit, and I allowed the frustration to sit with me while I watched some birds outside in the sun. I'm still doing some soul searching to see exactly how much I've been burying without noticing. I'm grateful you shared your hard work with me and I intend to put it to use. I want to keep doing the next right thing and heal so that I can truly be happy, and then maybe help anyone else who gets lost down the rabbit hole. You're an amazing and beautiful soul, thank you!

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