• I haven't dreamed about Michael since his passing last Aug up until now. That I can remember anyway. Thought I'd share what I dreamed this am. I was at a house much like his. I was looking at it as kind of in rememberance. He was in the back part of house. Modest room, in corner was a book standing-up with a title on it, embossed in cover God was the start of title. Although there were other words, I was too busy looking around room. Michael was there and I don't recall him speaking to me. There was an ironing board in the middle of this room. Michael went and stood at a window or sliding glass door along backside of this room. There were curtains on it. He was pulling curtains open looking outside. I was noticing that any extra weight he had was gone. He wasn't over weight in this life but had some extra I guess you could say. It's like I was walking in this place and didn't expect to see him. Dream lasted a few minutes. Woke up and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I had a blessed feeling. His brother had offered him to come to Hawaii and stay at his and mom's duplex although Michael never did. I'll have to call his brother and tell him about the dream. I've always felt like Michael is the one who'll be there when I cross over. The signs I got before his death indicate he's in Hawaii. Do you have any input Blmoon. I'd love to hear it.

  • I was just thinking of you! Interesting dream that echo's my own Angel card pull for the morning. I pulled the "details card". When the Angels are advising that right now is a time for paying attention to the small details because that is were guidance is right now. There are times when we get caught up in action, and agendas but miss subtle but important messages in small details. Interesting how your dream which I read right after my reading echos that. The dream was short and sweet but yes full of symbols and it is a truth how you were not expecting his presence. I remember after his passing you were anxious for a dream or visit or SOMETHING specially since you are gifted. He did come forward for you through me though and I believe I told you that it is not unusual for a visit to take awhile, specially the more emotionally attached you are and what you are focused on. I felt he was close to you but you were just not aware yet. His sudden passing with all the questions and your own grief mixed with a sense of regret for not somehow changing the event was heavy. You did notice a few details that spoke to you. Just enough to bring some peace. I sense you have taken a bit of a break for you? It's those times when we are more surrendered to just being still that we get these visits that really are going on not in the dream but are a reality we just don't have this reality on our conscientiousness but it's going on. He is around you often. Spirit's are not away in an earthly way, meaning they can be in Hawaii or in your room in an instant. If you can define in remembrance how you felt around him you will notice his presence more. Usually, I sense more when my son is somewhere else then not because his presence feels good and I just get used to that. When he's with another family member or loved one helping them that's when I feel his absence. Lovely dream! And very to the point! The book was foremost, standing tall with GOD. His main message is that all the questions and going over details are just so unimportant because he is with GOD. And free of earthly duties and confinement. In other words FREEDOM! He is not in that room anymore with your memories and he has moved on to his new reality and for us on earth that is our challenge to shift as well to their new reality so we can maintain our relationship. The relationship is just as real but does change to a new reality and it is a Spiritual awakening to be able to shift with that. Our memories and earth reality can pull us back and actually get in the way of growing into a new reality which serves us to be CLOSER to God ourselves because it IS like we are leaving earth reality and getting a feel for the soul reality. I love that he was lighter! EXACTLY! Right now your memories often place him in his old reality and he wants you to catch yourself at any heavy thoughts of his past. Just stop yourself and change to a happy detail or vision of him. We all get sad thoughts it is normal but for those passed over they prefer we make those memories quick and get happy for them as they are so awesomely FREE! AND for a psychic to truly use their gift it is essential to be in control of your energy because like the Angel card suggests is that to hear or feel Spirit presence often takes a quiet calm place of being able to notice SPIRITUAL details. Spiritual details are not the same as earthly details that we may focus on out of need or anxiousness or fear. It's like the magic of playing music or Michael says "riding a wave". You can't over think it but must trust in the magic of your capability to do it. THAT was the glue between your personalities.You admired his ability to "free fall" mentally in a way you wished you could let go at times. I hear him saying to you in the past "slow down". He brought you down to earth, put your feet down. He says, sat your butt down. Slowed the wheels in your head. You he says YOU took on responsibility and he worked at shedding responsibility! In-between the two of you was a perfect balance. He knows that his absence has left you now to fill that other half on your own. That is the miracle of losing a loved one and keeping their legacy alive by becoming in ourselves the best part of THEM. So now he wants you to start processing that and in that way you two will continue your bond of meaningful LOVE. But you will have to be conscious of when you need to become that good presence of him and do it yourself. It will help you be of more of service with your gift as well. Because being a productive psychic takes a lot of personal energy consciousness. You must know beyond your pull to help where your energy is going, when helping is not helping. Not all needs, chores, questions and details are going to be a wise investment of your energy. AND IT'S OK TO NOT BE RESPONSIBLE KITTEN. His words. Hugs!.

  • @blmoon I'm saying, oh gosh you know him. Yes, he shed responsibilities and I take on too much. Yes, I admired him for that. Yes, he'd tell me that I am hyper and slow down. He'd tell me that I was a type A personality quite often. He'd tell me being hyper is what gives you ulcers, heart attacks and cancer. Felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit today. A feeling that doesn't come "easily" w/me. A Holy presence. They say that everything holy happens because of the Holy Spirit. Cooler today, as well. So, muggy, humid and unbearable recently. Tons of rain where I'm at. Kinda like a paradise feeling after this dream. "ordinary" dreams don't have this effect on me. I was reading about the Sabbat in Jewish culture. Fri eve marks start of new day. Symbolism for a new day in Genesis. Getting things in order--ironing board. Doing without electricity, tv, etc--distractions. A new day for me and Michael on the spiritual journey. I love it. Going to read over your post again, so check back w/me. TY-Love

  • @blmoon I know why I didn't see him before. It would have pulled me back. Made me miss him more. No doubt. It also comes at a time when I was trying to pull back from this attraction I have to the younger guy. His attention made me feel more alive and I couldn't deal with the age difference--his family, friends, etc. He was so nice to me. He has quit his job and moved on. That's an arrow in my heart. He wanted to make more money. I knew a friend of his at his work was going to take off or encourage him to move on. I'm having a hard time emotionally letting go. He has his whole life ahead. I didn't want to get in the way. Thinking about a friend request on facebook. I felt so good yesterday I went in to his work to find he'd quit. I don't know if you can pick-up his energy. I think he is a contradiction on some levels. Will miss him. It brings me back to Michael and how I know he'll always be there. I'll be alright. Thankful.

  • @daliolite
    There is a connection to what's missing in your loss of Michael and your strong attraction to this younger man. This is that step back and see the forest for the trees. This is why you had the dream because it's time to move into the next stage of developing in yourself the part of Michael you are missing. Despite his age Michael had a unique energy that usually is represented by YOUTH. He never grew up in the traditional way we tend to define adulthood and how it relates to adulthood. As a psychic you must be already aware of the number one question if not money is "why am I so attracted to this person?" Why is the pull beyond logic or reason and so out of my control? Why is the attraction so strong yet it's not working? I had to walk that right of passage myself in my thirties and into my forties. Even with the help of a very good psychic I saw for ten years who taught me a lot it was no easy lesson! That's why I do not try to solve that for women who are on path and learning the reality of ATTRACTIONS and impulses that feel out of our control. These lessons are journeys into the dynamics of ourselves and our healing needs. Spirit urges me to put my energy towards those who are on the tipping point and are ready to get the lesson and break away from whatever that painful circle has been. They start seeing a pattern and they are getting it and just need a guided hand to get past that break. The attraction to that younger man, take away the earthly details, is your craving to fill the void of LIKE energy Michael took with him. You want that back, you need that, you crave it. It is time to balance that energy in yourself or yes you will keep being at the mercy of looking for it outside yourself. I am not going to sugar coat it. Spending alone time trying to change into self sufficiency is a scary lonely place. I call it the desert.It doesn't happen overnight and requires change and anytime we change it is work. Some people never change. It's not easy but it is supported by all that is divine and as alone as it feels at first in reality it is when our angels and guides are most behind us but our emotions get in the way. This young man is not meant to be anything more than an opportunity for you to gain clarity to what is missing in your self. You can spend years not seeing that and jumping from the next attraction to the next and in between just being in a state of craving. That's one of the signs of these attractions. The roller coaster of brief feelings of feeling whole with that person but mostly the dominating emotion is CRAVING. You spend more time unhappy than happy yet that mighty pull is mistaken for some meaningful idea of soulmate fantasy. This blog is a handy place to connect but it really is not a good place to develop your gifts. Not right now anyway. You would do yourself a loving favor if you explore Spiritual churches in person. They will not all fit but it's the only way to truly grow as a psychic. I live near Cassadaga Spiritual camp and have been going there off and on for about 30 years. My psychic was a certified Reverend there and I paid for at least a once a year reading. They offer classes and certifications for your development. If you look you will find there are many Spiritual Churches and organizations around you. You attend some and learn. Even not a bad experience teaches you something. Most of what goes on here is more kin to life coaching. Also, too many fake requests here. Also, connecting online takes a really close connection and you need more experience and training to protect yourself from energy parasites or negatives. And there are all kinds of spiritual practices that you must be aware of. There are Spell casters and those that take magic into their own hands. You need to have boundaries and clarity about your own beliefs but if you do not actively seek that education in a serious way you will leave yourself open to the whims of others. Know were you belong. It's not so much about being right or wrong but knowing were YOU belong and being clear about your belief system. Tarot is a business. It costs time and money to provide this site. They are not in a position to donate the effort and money into this site out of the goodness of their heart. They need to justify these threads as some how attracting some kind of revenue. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon Absolutely correct about Michael. He was a grown-up YOUTH. I felt free around him, could be myself around him. You didn't have to guess about what he was thinking--HE TOLD YOU. You are so correct about him, it's amazing. The attraction with the younger guy came up on me seemingly out of nowhere and does feel like a craving. Although he's nicer, cuter and made more advances than anyone recently. In that regard, I'm human. I'm usually attracted to people who like to talk. I guess because it takes a lot of effort out of my court. Also, it takes the guesswork out of what they're thinking. I'm more of a doer. Michael was a talker!! He was educated psychology and sociology and we were on the same page on a lot of things, politics not so much. Mike had a photographic memory and remembered every DETAIL about everyone and everything. For example, you could go somewhere and he'd remember every detail, every person, their life history--because he talked to as many as he could meet. Asked them every question about them. It fascinated him. He was unusual. He loved meeting people. You're right I'm attracted to LIKE. I would like to be more outside of myself. Have more of that "who cares what others think" That's what Mike used to say to me. He wasn't politically correct but people liked him. I wish I would have just asked C--do you like me. Some of the stuff he did was immature but his own inability to communicate his feelings. Again, there was an age difference. I don't really find myself attracted to many guys. There has to be a spontaneous spark, guess you could say. But you're correct in doesn't work. I think I experience loss, love very deeply. I would sit in my room as a child and cry my eyes out when a friend would leave for summer vacation. I cried when C left his job. I cried when a college class ended. I don't know if everyone does this. I've been told I'm emotional. I've heard that artists go thru the range of emotions more than others and I believe it. I even goggled understanding the artist's personality and I can relate. We have a lot of alone time. We need it just to process. I can't really channel without meditaion but I'm hyper too. Being psychic is another element that takes others patience or understanding which I know won't be understood by some. C lost both parents to an accident 6yrs ago. He stays with grandma. I've been praying recently (rosary) and this is significant to me seeing Michael. Doing a shout-out to him everyday helps too. I believe the Holy Spirit plays a significant role. I think I need to actually put my heart out there more and not be afraid of what might happen. Like Michael would say--who cares, don't worry about it. Thank you so much, Blmoon. I'm amazed at your ability at knowing Michael.

  • @daliolite ps-thank you for helping me sort thru this and realizing my "life lessons" in regard to relationships. I still have a lot of growing to do in this regard. You are a big help!

  • @daliolite ok, so my intuition is telling me "full-circle" w C. I don't really know but I'm supposing it means to circle back to the start or beginning. Got back from store and was able to talk w/assoc there who worked beside him. She talks w/his grandma. She said she thinks he's having second thoughts about leaving and that he calls her to come and have lunch with him. She also said that a lot of people miss him. As far as me, confirms what I was told, in a way I guess. Saw his car at a local restaurant Sat but didn't go in. I told myself a while back that I wouldn't chase him. But miss him, he was nice.

  • @daliolite he calls grandma for lunch

  • @blmoon Hi Blmoon, I did call Mike's brother and was able to talk w/him. Told him about the dream. He told me that Mike's mom, whose 99, had a stroke not too long ago. While she was in rehab, his brother had a dbl knee replacement. When he and she got home. His mom took his brother's pain meds that were on the table by mistake. This caused her to have another stroke. Good news--they're both fine. Some correlation to my dream and getting ahold of family. Thought you'd like to know. This could be the details, also.

  • @daliolite Another update w/Mike. I went into his favorite hang-out. It's a convenience/hardware and restaurant combo. I call it the man-cave. A friend of his was in there that goes there daily. He told me that the police were there about a wk ago saying that they're looking for a person of interest in connection w/Mike's death. Maybe someone knows something or squealed on someone. I've always felt there was more to it. The area he lived next to is shady to say the least. People would stop and ask him for money. Different scenarios.

  • @daliolite
    IT'S possible that he was not alone but I believe the death event was health related.That is what he said. Of course someone leaving him there or dropping by after and not wanting would indeed be WRONG. Michael would say what do you expect. He gave a lot of people a free pass. But he also could be hard ass if he truly didn't like some one. I see a family member or someone close has been calling the investigator and pushing for another look. They will look again but then it will be closed.

  • @blmoon Thank you.

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