Pregnancy Reading Question!

  • Hi everyone!
    Have a question about some cards I pulled for a pregnancy reading.

    As I was shuffling 3 cards fell out in this order;
    Ace of Pentacles
    Ace of Cups
    The Lovers

    Following this I then pulled two cards for some clarification;
    The High Priestess
    The Sun

    I'm fairly new to using cards and trying to figure out what these are trying to say. What are your thoughts?

  • @jcard
    When you talk about a pregnancy reading, What was the specific Question?
    Also What deck were you using? Imagery can make a difference?

    Are you wanting to know if, When you will get pregnant? or what to do re a pregnancy? The context is quite different ... (Remember this could be classed as a Medical Question...)

    Ace talks about new beginnings, new starts .... New possibilities ...
    Pentacles re Health, wealth, security, home, family
    Cups Emotions, Dreams

    The Lovers- can speak of choices to be made, as well as balance within relationships.

    The High Priestess can speak of Ancient Knowledge, Secrets revealed, things coming into fruition when the curtains are pulled back... A sense of Sacredness ...

    The Sun - happiness, joy , things being exposed, being vulnerable, bare essence of a situation or thing .... ..

    Take a moment to look at each card... write down what you see and feel?
    What message would the characters of the cards say to you? If you could speak to them ...What colours, symbols stand out, seem important ...

  • @jcard , girl and one boy...LOL

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