Can't forget her a year and a half later

  • Why can't i get her out of my head? i love this girl that i have been with for a year this November but im still stuck on my first girlfriend who broke up with me violently a year and a half ago. Why cant i get her out of my head?

  • Maybe because you still is in love with this person. Perhaps. What happened to for it to be so violent? Do you think she waould accept you back? she must have been really good to you, for her to be still on you mind.

  • well there is time to let go and that time will come. don't force it. you don't have to. just admit the feeling and say affirmation words to help you through it. you may feel guilty somehow that the break up wasn't done peacefully, but not many break ups are anyway. don't worry yourself with the past or the future. live your life day after day trying to do your best. life is meant to advance, move forward. take the lesson you learn from the past, in order to live in the present and the future.

  • it seems like you broke up for not enough reasons.

    pride and ego got in your way, which is the lesson to get for the next one.

    you loved her but your ego didn't let you get over the anger and pride and you didn't care to peacefully solve the situation. and you are paying the price for it. you didn't rise up to the level of letting go of anger and immaturity and get to the root of the problem.

    some times you have to free your chains, because of happiness you want in life. give your woman the freedom to be a woman and don't tell her the place she --"deserve" ---in our society. give her a lesson in your best manners--for your happiness. they are going to love you more every day for that. good luck with this one!

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