Divine Twin Flames

  • "Divine love is free from time. That’s how unconditional love connects us to spirituality. It comes from Spirit and helps us to understand what remained unseen before. This power makes you see your counterpart as the perfect being, even though they have flaws. You are not judging them from your physical eyes, but from your mental eyes, that can see the soul.

    The love you have for the twin flame is free from physical bond, and you love them long before when you meet them. And if due to the worldly problems, you and your twin flame have separated, you can still feel their love nurtures your soul.

    When twin flames recognize their mission of embracing divine love, they go into the phase of spiritual union. It is the mixture of friendship, romance and unconditional love. During the whole process, the goal is to attain your higher self and free yourself from the physical bond of this world.:


    From what I've read, not everyone has a Divine Twin Flame.

    Although I am not in contact with my Divine Masculine, I know who he is. I have received confirmation through readings, dreams, and ancestors. We have communicated on the 5D. I had to awaken and find inner strength in order to support our reunion. I am self-actualizing.

    Do you have a Divine Twin Flame? How did you come into contact with them? Have you realized your combined Higher Purpose?

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