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  • If my front door is facing east, does not face the street and the back door faces the same way, what can I do to open up my life or house for future luck, good prosperity and lots of love? Thank you.

  • Think of the front door as the mouth of the house. It is where the house gets its intake of energy, whether they be good or bad. Having good energy coming through the front door is similar to a person eating healthy. The occupants of the house will be happily enjoying a comfortable home that’s full of positive energy. In a more practical sense, the front door frames your first sight as you leave and enter the house. It works a little like first impression, and it impacts the mentality, mood, and attitude on how you start the day and how you feel when you get home.

    If your door faces east, then this is an unlucky direction for you based on your date of birth. East for you can cause arguments and legal problems or some kind of accident. You will receive blame for problems if your door faces this direction. Your optimum direction is west.
    Some solutions if you cannot change the door's direction easily:
    Make sure the front door is easily found and accessed by visitors - a curvy rather than a straight path to it will be luckier. Can you minimize the use of the front door by designating another door for everyday traffic? Often this is an easy change, or it may already be your habit. Many people enter their house either through the garage or through the back door, so the front door is left with mostly a symbolic meaning. If your front door with an unlucky feng shui direction is used less often, the negative energies will not be triggered or activated.
    Keep the front door area clean and organized.
    The area directly inside the front door (the hall) should have an open space and be clutter free also. This area is what’s called the “bright hall”, which applies to both the inside and outside area of the front door. The “bright hall” is where the Qi is said to gather, so it is best to keep the place clean and organized. The size of this area should also be proportionate to the size of the house. Placing a screen room divider or using a different set of tile colours can help define the size of this area.
    Your lucky colours are Yellow, Beige, Taupe, so if you paint your front door with one of these colours, it will reduce the negative effects. An east-facing front door also will greatly benefit from all decor details that express the feng shui element of Wood, because this is the governing element of the East feng shui direction. Wood feng shui element colours are green and brown. So, if you have an East facing front door, you can bring excellent feng shui energy to it by painting your door in any shade of either green or brown colours (or both, if you feel adventurous!)
    Make the door to your home welcoming with some bright flowers or potted plants, for instance.
    Do your best to create strong protective energy around your front door. You do not need to go as far as hanging a bagua mirror, but you might want to work with any other appropriate items that bring strong protective feng shui energy to your front door and your main entry. Some traditional feng shui cures are the sculpture or image of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, or the presence of the Kuan Kung, the god of War. You can choose your own symbols that bring the energy of protection and mercy.

    No matter which cures you choose, always remember that you are the one who makes your own luck. Deal with what has to be dealt with, but do not give an unlucky direction too much power and do not live in fear because of it.

  • My front door is painted white with a large glass panel
    It faces west and the street and is at the bottom of the only stairs leading to my flat.
    my property number is 20
    What can I do to change the aura to good prosperity?
    It use to be my castle (safe secure and warm)
    Thank you

  • @jayann you could put a 6 on the back of your front door so your address adds up to 8, the number of prosperity and abundance.

  • @thecaptain
    ty so much I will do that today

  • I will do that today

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