Your Life Path Number can indicate which career path would suit you best ...

  • Part of living “on purpose” in life is feeling as though your work or career is a reflection of your passion and your unique gifts that only you can bring to the table. And of course we all want to make a lot of money in the process, right? As you attempt to pin-point where you’d like to land with your work and career, you’re doing your due diligence -- reading books, googling everything under the sun, talking to people, taking on-line courses. You name it.

    Numerology is a unique way to choose what direction to go and what to move forward with based on your natural strengths and talents. Every Life Path can run a successful business or be a part of a successful enterprise. It’s about tapping into your specific power. It’s about identifying it, coming to terms with it, developing it, and then acting on it.

    You can calculate your Life path Number by adding up the numbers in your birth date. For instance, someone born May 25th 2002 would have a life path number of 5 (May) + 2 + 5 (day) + 2 + 2 (year) = 16 reduced to a single digit of 7. But 11, 22 and 33 should not be reduced to a single digit as they are Master Numbers.

    Here are some basic suggestions for each Life Path.

    1 Life Path: The Innovative Idea Maven
    You’re a born leader and will have an advantage when it comes to being an entrepreneur. It’s in your bones. It’s your birthright to bring innovative and creative ideas into reality. You can be a one-person show and yet your highest and best use is to lead others with head, heart, and spirit. Don’t be afraid of being too progressive or creative, because as a 1 Life Path, you’re a pioneer and are being asked to act with courage and to take calculated risks.

    What to develop: Since being a creative and innovative leader is your overall purpose, you’ll come face-to-face with roadblocks and detours as you step into your power. The key is to embrace change and “failure” as stepping stones into your never-done-before projects. You benefit when you lead while taking others into consideration. The 1 Life Path is learning about independence and individuality - about the self. Yet the power resides in using that to get things done in the larger scheme of things, which means you have to play well with others in the sandbox of life!

    Biggest Nemesis: Lack of self-esteem.

    2 Life Path: The Heart & Hospitality
    You’re all about harmony and being the glue that holds everything together. You’re often more productive and happier when you take on the role of the power behind the throne. You don't want to be Oprah, you want to be Oprah’s assistant! The 2 loves being in the know, managing the details, and getting acknowledgment for their important role in the enterprise. Consider going into business partnership or being the lead of your department rather than taking on something solo. You feel better when you have engagement with other people. The 2 Life Path thrives when there is emotional connection, so you should really love whatever it is you’re doing.

    What to develop: Since being a diplomat and a lover (not a fighter!) is your overall M.O., you’ll come face-to-face with roadblocks and detours as you step into your power. The key is to develop a true sense of yourself and learn healthy emotional boundaries. You benefit when you use your patience and attentiveness to take projects and business to the next level and to keep it all running smoothly. The 2 Life Path is learning about relationships and emotional connection. Yet the power resides in using those love-based skills in a balanced manner with proper expectations. You’ll always be the one who can see all side of the equation.

    Biggest Nemesis: Over-giving to the point of resentment.

    3 Life Path: The Witty Creative Communicator
    Highly likely, you will be the business itself. That can hash out as writer, speaker, dancer, musician, actor, broadcaster, presenter, or anything that demands performative communication skills and a dynamic personality. Shine bright! The 3 Life Path is a creative powerhouse who brings a lighter touch to a project and a buoyancy to whatever it touches. Humor and quirky creative problem-solving are some of the attributes you bring to the table. The 3 thrives when adding an inspiring and uplifting angle to enterprises.

    What to develop: The 3 Life Path is all about finding the “lighter way” and yet that often is a result of trudging through the “darkness” to get there! Don’t get stuck in paralysis analysis or dampen your innate optimism, even if life brings you more than your share of emotional lemons. If your work brings you joy, it will bring joy to others. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Self-doubt and fear of criticism can be your most formative enemy. Careful to rein in your focus and be aware of the tendency to scatter your efforts. You’re witty, imaginative, and can bring dynamic, resourceful energy and ideas to any situation.

    Biggest Nemesis: Self-doubt.

    4 Life Path: The Purveyor of Knowledge & Organizer
    With the 4 Life Path, you’re the systems person and the one who understands the step-by-step processes it takes to get from Point A to Point Z. You’re at your highest and best when you’re taking an organization or managerial role in a business or enterprise where there are established rules of operation. You’re not so drawn to risk or start-ups, rather you thrive when you know the rules and regulations and improve on them to make the business soar. The 4 is best at carrying out the details and making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

    What to develop: The 4 Life Path is all about foundations, systems, structure, and following the steady path to building something substantial. You aren’t one for engaging in the superficial or with something that doesn’t have value to you. Finding work that you find important and that is like an extension of who you are is a goldmine for you, because the 4 will not rest (so to speak) until you commit yourself to something with which you feel a deep level of soul connection, however that manifests for you. You benefit when you tap into a certain level of flexibility and are open to changing course when necessary.

    Biggest Nemesis: Rigid thinking.

    5 Life Path: The Sensual Sales Person
    Many famous entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and salespeople are 5 Life Path’s. The issue here is about finding your niche. The thing about the 5 is that it’s so versatile that it can take time and experience to hone in on that specific thing you want and love to do with any kind of regularity. Money is often an afterthought because your personal sense of freedom is top priority. You can get bored easily so choose something that excites you and allows for flexibility or you will abandon it. You aren’t meant to do anything with a blah factor so being involved in a business that’s doesn’t speak to your heart or sense of adventure won’t be viable. Exciting and intriguing enterprises excite your senses -- and that can be anything from computer-related media projects to music to esoteric enterprises and beyond.

    What to develop: The 5 Life Path is all about versatility, is an agent of change, and thrives with progressive ideas and activities. You’ll benefit when you can rein in some of the tendencies to be scattered and possibly flit from thing to thing. You’re an amazing lightning rod for anything dynamic and forward-thinking. Media of all kinds is a great fit, performance, sales (as long as it’s something you believe in), and perhaps oddly enough, 5’s sometimes gravitate toward metaphysics which can manifest as involvement with massage, energy work, psychic work, or something of that nature. You’re a force of nature and are expansive when you create a certain level of freedom in your life.

    Biggest Nemesis: Lack of stick-to-it-ness.

    6 Life Path: The Nurturing Service Provider
    With a 6 Life Path, you’re a natural nurturer and take the lion’s share of responsibility with everything you do. You’re a visionary and someone who has a deep sense of duty and are concerned about justice on a grand scale. The 6 offers sophisticated levels of taste and design. You home is your nest and your castle and often you’ll find yourself operating a home-based business or will start a business that provides services that have to do with family dynamics, design and aesthetic beauty, or the development of a product or service that helps people. Couples counseling, anything in the legal professions, anything the health/beauty industry, or the design industry is a good fit.

    What to develop: The 6 Life Path is all about the domestic realm, love, responsibility, and you thrive when you’re being of service, no matter how you might ultimately define that. You’re an amazing manifestor -- often making money just “happens” with you because it’s a natural result of your visionary and heart-centered service. The only thing standing in your way is your perfectionism (yes, it’s true). The energy of the 6 is all about caretaking and you’re learning to balance and modulate this aspect of yourself. Success comes when you can truly see and embrace the perfection of the imperfection of everyone and everything.

    Biggest Nemesis: Self-righteousness.

    7 Life Path: The Analyst & (sometimes reluctant) Spiritualist
    The number 7 is a high-vibe energy and presents with an interesting dichotomy. You are fiercely data-driven and yet on the other hand, you’re intensely intuitive. The mantra for the 7 is: “OK, if we’re all having a spiritual experience in a human body, prove it!” As a 7, you add amazing dimension to whatever you place your energy on. Often 7’s make the best analysts, programmers, philosophers, writers, scientists - anything where you can develop and work with something you can specialize in. Many 7’s turn to massage, energy work, or yoga. Yet know that this is a “know thyself” lifetime and you can do anything as long as you create the time for yourself and your inner voyage.

    What to develop: The 7 Life Path is all about the development of trust and openness, so often times you can struggle with feeling too vulnerable and 8 Life Path: The CEO & Financial Go-Toyou will protect yourself from being too emotionally exposed at all cost. As a 7, you’re operating on a different wavelength and you can be flummoxed when people totally misread you, your personality, and your overall intentions. Often you will be placed into positions of responsibility and power, even when (or especially when!) you don’t seek it out. You have an elusive and attractive energy. At the end of the day, you are a fountain of wisdom.

    Biggest Nemesis: Isolation.

    8 Life Path: The CEO & Financial Go-To
    Since power and money come naturally to you, business is your natural habitat. You’re not so much the entrepreneur as the CEO. You excel when you step into an existing structure and bring it into its next and higher level of success and productivity. You’re the ultimate manager and organizer. The 8 has a natural attraction to real estate and often thrives as an investor. You wield a certain level of power wherever you go. You walk into a room and can be large and in charge. You want and demand respect and think about the world in a business sense -- time is money after all. It’s your birthright to have financial success. The ultimate expression of the number 8 is to manifest material abundance and then give back and help empower others as well.

    What to develop: Since the 8 is all about power (and personal empowerment), money, and authority, you’re working on becoming a top-notch boss/authority figure. Developing a super high level of integrity is crucial for your overall success. In numerology, the number 8 is an amplifier. So this means that you benefit by understanding that whatever you focus your thoughts, energy, and intention on will expand exponentially. You’re like the Law of Attraction x 100. Don’t expect to experience a linear path to riches or to have a consistent flow. Yours is the path of resilience and determination. Step into your power or get stepped on! You’re playing with the “big boys.”

    Biggest Nemesis: Fear of success.

    9 Life Path: The Charismatic & Creative Altruist
    With a 9 Life Path, you’re more of a “blank canvas” and the other numbers in your chart actually can give you a great perspective about the way in which you’ll go about charting your humanitarian journey. Yet understand that your blank canvas holds the energy of selfless service and humanitarian focus. So anything you do must come from a deep place within you that speaks to a passion you have to help, heal, and support others. You’re innately creative and have a “fake it ‘til you make it” vibe that is undeniable. Your charisma can’t be underestimated. Those with a 9 Life Path are old souls who have internal resources that surprise even them.

    What to develop: As a 9 Life Path, you’re learning about both giving and receiving on all levels. Often you’re an over-giver and have difficulty distinguishing between healthy support and enabling. Emotions run deep and strong, yet the 9 Life Path can have roadblocks to expressing emotions with clarity and consistency. The “go-to” becomes to lecture others and then walk away, so to speak. The 9 is learning the power of empathy and of listening to others. At the end of the day, you can be amazingly successful at whatever enterprise you set your heart toward - politics, music, medicine, non-profits, counseling. You get the picture. What is it that you can’t not do? Do that.

    Biggest Nemesis: Becoming a rebel without a cause.

    11 Life Path: The Satellite Dish & Spiritual Illuminati
    With the Master 11, remember that your Life Path offers a higher spiritual calling, no matter how you might define it. And yet it also throws a few more monkey-wrenches into the game. This is an intense vibe that brings in disparate energies that -- as you learn what they are and how they demonstarte themselves -- present you with amazingly powerful capabilities. It’s just not the easiest ride in town! You have this beautiful amalgam of yin and yang, initiating and receptive, “me” and “us.” The ultimate power comes in learning how to manage what might feel like a bit of an arm wrestle. Yet know that you’re meant to master your life, to lead, and to offer a splash of spiritual illumination along the way.

    What to develop: You’re meant to bring ideas into fruition and you’re also here to express through artistic creativity or whatever avenue of expression where you can bring inspiration into the world. You’re heart-centered and relationship-oriented and you also are working with an accelerated level of drive and ambition. The double 1 wants to be up front and leading while the 2 wants to negotiate a peaceful environment and develop relationships. You’ll find many 11/2s in the healing industry, in entertainment, or inventing things. Many 11’s will manage their own enterprises and yet that usually means they have a team to direct -- not as a solopreneur.

    Biggest Nemesis: Emotional over sensitivity.

    22 Life Path: The Bricks & Mortar
    With the Master 22, remember that your Life Path offers a higher spiritual calling, no matter how you might define it. And yet it also throws a few more monkey-wrenches into the game. This is an intense vibe that brings in disparate energies that -- as you learn what they are and how they demonstrate themselves -- present you with amazingly powerful capabilities. It’s just not the easiest ride in town! You’re the master builder and are in it for the long haul! The double 2s bring emotional sensitivity and diplomacy while the 4 demands concerted effort and slow and steady progress.

    What to develop: The Master 22 is meant to bring spiritual ideals into the everyday lives of people. It’s a practical and pragmatic energy that precludes any flights of fancy. Nothing dreamy or airy-fairy about the 22. The double 2 wants to be the power behind the throne while the 4 wants everyone to do what it wants them to do! You’ll find many 22’s in the healing industry, in entertainment, or in building things -- all kinds of things! Many 22’s will manage their own enterprises and yet the lesson to be learned is to get out of your own way, introduce some sense of flexibility into your routine (and your thinking), and to not get stuck in the petty details. You’re gifted at finding the systems that allow the creation of a business, product, or service that isn’t a fly-by-night enterprise.

    Biggest Nemesis: Micromanaging.

    33 Life Path: The Heart & Soul
    With the Master 33, remember that your Life Path offers a higher spiritual calling, no matter how you might define it. And yet it also throws a few more monkey-wrenches into the game. This is an intense vibe that brings in disparate energies that -- as you learn what they are and how they demonstrate themselves -- present you with amazingly powerful capabilities. It’s just not the easiest ride in town! Your innate passion and purpose resides in the love and relationship department. You’re the ultimate giver of unconditional love on every level. The double 3s bring emotional sensitivity, creativity, and optimism while the 6 infuses an element of home and family, duty, and service to the mix. You’re meant to master your life, to lead, and to offer a glimpse of what it looks like to love and accept everyone along the way.

    What to develop: The Master 33 is designed to express itself as a master teacher of higher consciousness and a higher octave of spiritual values. The double 3 is the communicator and the master of joyful self-expression while the 6 is the cosmic parent! You’ll find many 33’s in the healing industry, in entertainment, justice-related fields, the beauty industry and beyond. Many 33’s will manage their own enterprises and yet the lesson to be learned is to not get bogged down in defeat and cynicism, because you will constantly be given the role of helper and healer. You’re gifted at connecting with people on a soul level and finding fun ways to be of service.

    Biggest Nemesis: Learning not to be a control freak.

    Article by Felicia Bender

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