Prego reading

  • Can someone please lay some cards out to see if I am pregnant.

  • @sblville
    Why do you just not go to the Doctor? or a midwife, or simply take a pregnancy test ....
    That is a yes/ No question and not the best way to work with Tarot ....

    maybe the question could be If I am pregnant what is the best way to deal with it? What can the cards offer in what can I do If I am pregnant?

    each Card in tarot offer so much more than just yes/ No answers ...

    The best advice I can offer you to check with a test to see if you are pregnant and then you can make an informed choice about what now lies ahead for you....

    take care

  • Readings are not to be taken lightly ...or questions asked when you can get the answer on your own through "simple" means. To know you are pregnant should buy an over the counter test and see for yourself.
    THEN if you are might want to ask what you should do about it ...although that can usually be answered in the same way as being honest and logical in your thinking process concerning your beliefs, the other person involved and how it will impact lives. AND if your not
    you should think about using protection.

  • @badgerwoman
    hi are you alright?
    have not hear from you for a while.
    hope you are well and busy

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