Confusing spread

  • I asked if I should give up on someone I love. I thought there was a soul connection but this person is with someone else at the moment. The way I see it, I should give up out of respect for myself.... But it seems the universe keeps bringing us together. I’ve done other spreads that seem favorable to pursuing something. But this one confuses me... not quite sure what my answer is.

    I did the following spread, with past present future as the center cards. The cards above and bellow are clarifying/relating to the center. I asked, “should I give up?”

    ![0_1559176071678_AA472600-07B1-4E50-85C6-A2D3ACABD5EC.jpeg](Uploading 1%) ![0_1559176058952_8A201D30-F987-49F2-B9B3-7FBDAD9CAA96.jpeg](Uploading 1%)

  • @lightwarrior
    Ohh the imagery did not show up ....
    Sometimes when people are drawn together it is because of a lesson yet to be learnt, it could be about boundaries yet to be made... ..
    Clear cut decision needed to be firmly made ... actions may need to be taken on some level in some way ... Totally up to you in how you choose to walk ahead.. sometimes when things are offered to us they are not always as they at first seem.... not everything is always good for us ... not everything is for our Highest Good ...

    Hopefully you can reload the images ....

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