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  • Hello, I’m a practicing tarot reader and I am trying to hone in on my abilities more. So, if you have any burning questions you want to ask spirit or the universe I would be happy to do a tarot reading for you. Just leave a reply with your question. The key is to be as specific as possible so I can get a clear message for you. If you’re curious I’m currently using the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck.

    Thanks 😁

  • Can I just ask if the Universe has any specific message about my life for me?

  • I want to know if I am pregnant? If you could do a reading on my love life as well. Thank you

  • @mysticalshaman1111 I want to know if I am pregnant? I have been dealing with a lot of depression in a current situation and would really love to have a reading on my love life and outcome with a person I really fell for.

  • @mysticalshaman1111 I would like to know if I am pregnant? I have been dealing with some bad depression falling for a guy and it has been complicated I would love if you could do a love reading or outcome on us to.

  • @mysticalshaman1111

    somebody I knew from the past who liked me so much... birthday 18 December 1984 .. came back into my life and wants us to be together.. however the same is happening and his communication is shady af, like it was before..

    I just want to know if he is hiding something from me?

    How should I be cautious?

    Next person is my awful ex. I just want to know if he will ever try to contact me again? I hope he doesn’t and my feeling is he won’t. He blocked me, but surprise he unblocked me again. Obviously wants his ego boosted, but I won’t message him.

    His birthday is 25th March 1986.

    Thank you and I appreciate your insight.

  • I’m not sure if the picture loaded. Here is a description of the reading “should I give up?” On a certain person.

    Using the witches tarot by Ellen Dugan.
    For the center past future
    Past - karma (judgment in rider Waite) present - two of pentacles future - six of wands

    Above those cards are the emperor (connecting past and present) and none of swords (connecting present and future)

    Below is the five of swords (connecting past and present) and knight of cups (connecting present and future)

  • Can I ask when my finances will improve?

  • @thecaptain

    The universe says you have a tendency to compromise your true self and inner desires to follow a conventionally safe path. However, you willl not be fulfilled by choosing this route. Spirit is calling you to rely on your own skills and your own internal compass for success, versus the maps others have designed for you. I’m getting the sense that you are suppressing a side of yourself to appease others, whether that be your career of choice or sexuality. You are being called to learn through the path of love and to let go of the hardships or pains from your past. Once you have done this it will lead to the start of a great new journey, so act now.

  • @jana-star
    First and foremost the universe want to remind you that the end of the storm is near. Whatever darkness that has been in your life is soon to end and you must trust that it is all interconnected to your overall journey. However, you still must remain vilgiant. You are currently in a state of denial in your present predicament and refusing to see it for what is. Spirit is calling you to be hermit-like during this time in your life and to connect more with your spirituality (whether that be praying or mediating).

    You are being reminded that you co-create your world. The universe is only mirroring back to you the type of love and intent you put out in it. You must change these aspects into positives within. Think back to when you compromised what you truly believed in to be accepted or loved by someone. Promise to yourself ( through words and actions) that you won’t compromise your integrity again to appease someone, especially if you knew deep down it was wrong.

    Now is the time to show yourself, self love and to find yourself. Eat right, love right and be joyous. All this can be done if you nourish your soul and body. Go outside your normal day to day routine and explore.

    Summary: You know deep down that neither of these people will serve you positively in your life. You have to go on a self pilgrimage to find and take care of yourself. Don’t lose yourself for a relationship you know will not bring you fulfillment.

  • @hobbles76

    This deck doesn’t necessarily explain the EXACT date of when your finances will improve. But the cards I pulled suggest that spirit is listening intently to you, but you have to clearly communicate what you want. You can do this with the law of attraction, better yet manifesting it with the moons energy. In your spread there were the numbers 333. On June 3rd there is a new moon. Here is a video explaining what you can do to utilize this energy:
    The cards suggested an order of events. Once you have planted your seed into the earth ( I happened to pull the tree of life card for you) then like magic (also a card) your wish will manifest before your very eyes. 333 added all together equals nine so it could possibly mean nine days after June 3 your finances will improve. Or 9 weeks. (Possibly even 6 days/weeks if you just add the two 3’s together and consider the one 3 to represent the 3rd of June) Long as you set your intention and believe it is zinging through the air like an arrow (another oracle card I pulled) your intent willl land where it is supposed to, don’t be concerned about the “how” or how it takes form.

  • @lightwarrior
    Is your question asking me to decipher those cards? Because I don’t have that deck so I’m unsure how to read it for you. I can pull for the question you originally asked and give you a “yes” or “no” .

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  • @MysticalShaman1111
    Can you please do a reading for me.
    Question: What important message does the Universe have for me regarding my life?

  • @mysticalshaman1111 thanks, that resonates!

  • @mysticalshaman1111

    Thank you so much! I have read this a few times and I plan I’m doing my planting tomorrow night after work! I really appreciate the video being included to help! I am so grateful that My finances will improve. I know this has been a long school year and a long few months. I am so ready for the even greater year to come! 🙂 Thank you for the reading! Blessed days to you!


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  • Much gratitude!

    Question: What should I do daily to be in alignment with my Divine Purpose?

  • Hi. Thanks for doing this.

    I want to know if there is an important/life changing/miraculous event the future has in store for me.

    If yes then I want to know as much possible about it. Like what can I expect?, when would it happen? etc

    I've been stuck at a dead end for the last 7 years of my life. I have nothing to look forward to in life and feel so hopeless. Things are only getting worse as time progresses. I need some change. I need a miracle....

  • Hi @MysticalShaman1111 , could you tell me please about my life love, what should i know about it? Thank you.

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