BLmoon, need your knowledge, pls

  • Dear Blmoom, hope this finds you well. What brings me to you is that, I'm too furious and nervous to really see the reason why this is happening.
    I suspected that some people were againts me at work, the main reason I see for this to be happening is that I try my best to be honest and do what my regulations say, by wanting to have this done as its written, I have to call the attention of too many people, supervisor included because I need her support and I'm not getting it. My coworker receives better performance awards and when I'm on leave receives special recommendations, and this in my line of work is weird, because our job rarely stands up. Someone told me that they were trashing my name and the name of my husband, a few times I caught the supervisor and my coworker speaking bout him, lately I over heard a conversation about me, which hurt like hell, coz I treated this girl well, I pulled her under my wing, fixed her mistakes and thought her what I knew, I wanted our job to be equal and a success.
    If she was saying the truth, well I have to deal with it, but she wasn't, she was inciting my/our supervisor to be against me. I dunno what to do, to have some justice I have to go to my supervisor boss which is constantly at my supervisor house. Upper means that an investigation will be in place, and they can loose their jobs and to be honest I won't look good too.
    I need to work with her and it's getting impossible, I'm not fake, I have a hard time pretending.
    Want to thank for all the support you have given me about my health issues, now finally there's an explanation for a lot of my symptoms it's called burn out, apparently I always took my body/mental to exhaustion. And with this going on I haven't been able to sleep for a week.
    Thank you

  • @mariapisces
    A lot of emotions going on. You are in the thick of it and I get it. Most of us have been in this tough spot of betrayal. You do need to let emotions settle before you can face this with a resolve. Sometimes these situations have no resolve other than the lesson you learn from it. Often it is about you more then them and your boundaries and expectations or it may be time to move on even though you do not really want to. Also, it may be about trusting your radar and knowing when "poison arrows " are being sent your way. And as a first step to self protect you should meditate before sleep or any rested time and pray to ST Michael for protection and see yourself holding up a shield and say "all poison arrows sent will return to sender" See them deflect off of your shield. Do not visualize harm to others but let their own harmful intention return. This is about you being safe. You are very weak right now and it is never good to make important decisions when beat up or fearful. You can't be afraid. Oppression survives under fear. On a positive note, the fact another co-worker actually told you what is going on is a good sign. It means what is going on is wrong and not just your imagination and it means you have a witness. I have been in your position before and my mistake was taking the path of least resistance and not dwelling on negative people I felt I could not change so yes I just tried to be nice to the rotten apple in the barrel and do my job. Well, the rotten apple does infect others and the next thing you know while you are busy ignoring negative intentions a group forms behind your back and they take a few lies to the boss. Then you are really hurt because the boss is a friend who should know better. In my case I defended myself to the boss and went on to do my job. But it changed me. Eventually, the offenders became a problem and a few were let go but it took awhile. I was aware the one person did not like me and I honestly did not like her either! BUT I did not let that affect my professional duties. In fact, as a spiritual gesture, despite her victim whining I would do something nice for her but like you I also had to be the one to call out her infractions. I get the same energy off of this female you thought you were helping. They are not who they seem. They have a rescue me energy they put out in subtle ways. They want others to feel sorry for them. They gather a group around them. And eventually, anyone they feel is in their way they start a campaign against in a sly way. They are really insecure people who need some kind of false sense of power. Start by understanding that you are not the cause nor did you deserve it and there's one in every workplace eventually! Do not meet her at her victim level. You are not a victim. Before you address this situation you must shake off any feelings of victim mode or hurt. AND stop with fear. You can't go there. You must do what's right and let it land where it lands having faith in your truth. First, stop sharing too much and put up your neutral guard. Have your personal meltdown, get it out and let it go. It is not personal. You must report this but not until you get emotions out of the way. It would be best if the offender was present and usually a supervisor does solve this like that. Supervisors do not have time or patience for petty squabbles but they do not like a rotten apple either. When you ask for a meeting you must go in there with facts and documentation. Be professional. Write notes first. When you heard the hostile conversations and by whom. Name the person who confided in you. Keep it business. Stand up for yourself. You do not deserve this. Make it clear to the supervisor ....the TOP supervisor that you are happy with your job but this hostile environment that has presented itself is making it hard to do your job. Pretend you a very loved daughter came to you for help....would you fight back? Fight back. But do it with strength and take St. Michael with you. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon My husband thinks I shouldn't do anything, but it's like you say the seed spreads.
    I should have never gave her my trust, I never liked her, until she started working with me, and played me, I thought that my instincts were wrong. So stupid I was. My supervisor is a different story, shes neutral, I never disliked her, I just think she's in the wrong position, she's not qualified, she got the job because she was a sweetheart and took the previous supervision home. I saw this happening under my eyes. And the position was graded way lower so she could fill it and because of her, no one can be requalified, me included, but legally I'm not under her jurisdiction and she knows I know this. I tried to help her but I sound angry, when I'm frustrated, I loose my reason everytime I let this happen. My co-worker saw it, took advantage of it, I got really sick, did panick attacks at work due the burn-out I was experimenting, lost composure, coz I yelled at certain people that got on my nerves. My biggest problem is that I like to have things done the way it's supposed to, I don't like easy fixes, coz I know someone, not justifiable payments. They don't like me coz of this. Because I do my job but my coworker wants to be me, funny uhun... I've been thinking, professionally they cannot do me any harm, I'm recognized world wide for my good job, Friday other supervisor will let others know, I won't teach her my job and plus I will remove from her something that was mine, that she thinks it gives her importance, this will be my revenge. I don't need to be friends with her, I have people in there that love me, she cannot corrupt those. My gifts are back again, they were masked by the drugs I took,I'm getting my life back. Archangel Michael is with me,my guided are with me. They are saying "it's time for choices, this is for you to grow, leave everything behind that no longer serves you, u have waisted to much time of your life worrying with stupid things, take care of you" So BLmoon I'm not afraid, never was I just hate, haters. I'm just to darn affected by my surroundings, my energy field gets off balance. Thank you my sweet Blmoon, I'm calmer now.

  • @mariapisces
    you are welcome. In the future take more "ME" time to shake off all the energy that comes with sharing your space with others. BLESSINGS! When I don't get enough alone time I start getting very irritable and it's almost as if just another's presence irritates me. Panic attacks as well can signal an energy overload. Listen to these warnings before they escalate. Not always easy!

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