The Fool: what does this mean

  • Hi
    I was playing with an online tarot reading and under outcome I got the fool.

    I was wondering if you have the time you can confirm my understand of the meaning of this card.
    New beginnings
    child like or innocence
    a free spirit

    treat life as you did as a child so you experience its joy to the full.
    If struggling with life this card is good as it is reminding not to dwell on your problems.
    If you want to do something go for it as the future is a step into the dark.

  • @jayann
    The Fool - can speak of stepping out of the darkness into the light (the darkness being the Void) .. Free Spirited, youthful essence, Taking a risk, may need to be cautious as you find yourself on the edge... A Dreamer, An adventurer . Maybe a reminder to either have some fun , or maybe to reign yourself in from having too much fun , depends on the other cards surrounding it .. and the deck you are using, as the image can share much more info .... The Fool can speak of madness, a folly, eccentric, a little crazy .. There are many thoughts about what this card could mean, depends on many factors ...

  • 0_1559043469312_0 The Fool.JPG 0_1559043573175_fool.JPG

    Some thoughts re the fool I created as posts .... hope it helps.. trust in your initial thoughts , reflection and meditation can assist on your journey of understanding the cards ..... Not all the keywords may resonate at this time ... choose what do resonate for you ...

  • @hekatesxing

    I was "fooling" with reading for 2019 one card for each month with a 13th (the fool) under the heading as outcome.

    my first thoughts are new beginnings.
    romance unlikely to be what I want
    home moving house

  • @jayann
    Welcome ... Take care

  • When we call someone a fool, it means that we are unable to understand what he means and what he believes, so think before calling a fool.

  • 0_1559235851302_Screenshot (45).png

    Outcome - The fool - completed
    January - The World
    February - The Devil
    March - The Hangman
    April - The High Priestess
    May - Death
    June - The Star
    July - The Empress
    August - The Pope
    September - Temperance
    October - The Moon
    November - Strength
    December - The Emperor

  • @jayann

    Sounds like you are starting to get a handle on what the cards mean for you ...

  • @jayann

    Ohh I see a yearly spread .... that is awesome .... did you overall find it was clear about the energies each month .. I was looking at the Fool card did you notice the two crescent Moons as you move ahead do you feel you will be gaining or releasing on some level?
    it is interesting because it looks like he is walking away from something (which seems of importance)
    Did you journal the reading .... completely ... Take a moment to actually look at the imagery ..

    This is an interesting deck... ..

  • @hekatesxing
    No I have not done the above suggestion because I was just fooling around on the tarot card reading site and not consciously looking for what 2019 will look like.
    That is why I only asked about the 13th card which is "the fool" and about outcome.
    I published the screen print following @future comment in an attempt to reassure "her".

    From the last week in Oct18 to beginning of Dec18 suddenly 24/7 I could not stop thinking of n ex. It was driving me mad and I became very down, and taking stock of my life.
    Thankfully I found this forum which has been a great help.
    Learning how to interpreted tarot cards have and still am very difficult for me. I know it will work when I have enough understanding.
    I will be using the spread as a learning tool.
    ty @hekatesxing for your help and time.

  • @jayann

    Pleased the site has helped you on some level....

    The study of tarot does take some time .... but with some slow study things will become easier to understand ...

  • @jayann
    June = The Star
    working in progress I am trying to implement what @hekatesxing has suggested.
    Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality

  • @jayann The Star
    Ruled by Aquarius ...
    can speak of Hope, Wishes ....
    Can show a gesture of affection or a gift may arrive on some level...
    Inner self shine .... Insight, understanding within that month received. Wishes may be fulfilled during this time.. the unexpected can bring positive results. It could be a month of good health (especially if over May you have been unwell)

    Her green dress to me speaks of healing .... the water being poured is a sense of freedom as the debris is removed . the emotions may flow freely ....

    Hope those thoughts may help ...

  • @jayann Yes, those are all good interpretations. You need to look at the other cards, as well. In the outcome position, this is really pertaining to the person you are asking about or your REAL question. If the question is concerning you, chances are you're starting over. I draw this card a lot for people moving, buying a new or different house. Giving up something to pursue something else. A different beginning. There's no fear assoc w/this card. It's something that someone is ready for.

  • @daliolite
    ty for your help.

  • @hekatesxing
    ty for your help

  • @jayann
    You are so welcome .. take care

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