Can I get a reading regarding a professional working relationship please?

  • I am wanting to record my music and a DJ I know said he will help me with it..

    However it keeps getting held off.
    I understand he is busy.

    Also I want this to be a professional working relationship and do not want him developing romantic feelings for me.

    Can you please let me know if he will eventually work with me please?

    What are you picking up regarding this please?

  • @jana-star, I feel like he does have an ulterior motive. Really, what would be in it for him if not to try to romance or seduce you? If you want to move forward with this dream, it's a good lesson to not sit and wait for someone else to do it for you. He's a DJ - does he really know anything about producing/recording music or does he just play it once it is already on the market? Does he actually have any connections with anyone that can help you? Start researching what steps you need to take and start taking them. Don't wait for this guy. It usually takes a lot of practical, hard work to make dreams happen so remember this while still holding your ideal, your dream in your heart.

    p.s. I did pull some cards...the card representing you showed a person blindfolded and walking forward with arms stretched out. The message was a warning to not rely on luck, but it was the blindfold that struck me - keep your eyes open! The card representing him showed him in a mask, which was quite striking next to you blindfolded. A 2nd card for him was called "Don Juan". The Oracle card had a dream catcher on it and said "Stay Rooted and Grounded."

  • Jana, I agree wholeheartedly with Watergirl! For you, this is a lifetime about stepping away from being too nice and relying on other people into a lifestyle of being independent, doing things for yourself, being more assertive, and just plain grabbing your courage and going for it. In order to do this, you have to grapple with the side of yourself that is highly relationship-oriented and focused on pleasing others. You are inherently geared toward bringing happiness and harmony to other people. By nature, you are very thoughtful, kindhearted, and peaceful. But, not rocking the boat can become a comfort zone for you. It’s all too easy for you to remain the nice girl, instead of just doing what you really want or letting people know how you really feel.

  • @watergirl18 thanks yes he has a lot of contacts. I want nothing romantic with him what so ever. No way.

  • @watergirl18 thank you for reading for me

  • @thecaptain yes I got what you said: thank you

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