Can Scorpio female and Gemini male, create a strong bond of relationship / commi

  • I’m a Scorpio female, dated with Gemini man. At first we create an intimate relationship. Everyday he fetched me after work and had dinner together, and stayed at phone until morning. But things have changed when I got me pregnant. Now I’m 5 months pregnant, and his actuations become so cold. He prefers to be with his friends and get himself drunk every night. Communications was cut between us and we don’t anymore see each other. In short, he abandoned us. Then one day he admits that he has a new girl. I was shocked to the fact that he left us, and chooses to be with someone who has a 4 year old son rather than to be with us, with his baby.

  • I wish you could have learnes how Gemini's are. They so afraid of commitment and it will have to be on their own time.,this just how they are. Their very stubborn people. They don't have time for thing that will hold them down, the same as commitment, the exact same thning. He will probably do it to the next person. He will have to realize what he left behind in order for him to come back I am so sorry that has happened to you. Just take care od you and your baby. Karma will catch with him. Are you trying to get child support?

  • I’m not expecting any support from him, as long as he would recognize his child. What I’m asking is his time or a little sympathy for us.

  • If he has a girl friend it does not seem like he going to have time for u guys. But, I do feel like he shoild acknowdege his child. Maybe if you could just talk with him would help. He sounds like he may be a little inmature. Is he? He's not going to come around until he's ready. That again thats part of getting his space. Sorry..............

  • He's an asshole! This isn't just limited to "Gemini" , my gemini man is completely opposite, would never do such a thing. I'm so sorry for you and your child, but now your destinies are yours, if you want to make a good life and future for yourselves, YOU are going to have to be the one to do it. You are going to have to remove the asshole from your and your child's life. Don't wait around for him to acknowledge his child, YOU acknowledge your child, and realize that although the life you have to give her/him may not be perfect, what is it that you can do to give them is the best you can give.

    There is a woman across from where my bf and I live, she's married and has two lovely daughters. Her husband is an asshole. He yells at her all the time, abuses her, and it's obvious that he brings other women over. She is so miserable she is drunk all afternoon. Who is taking care of their children? No one. She is so miserable by his abuse, she has become so self involved that she cannot see what her children need. They need to not have their father. Sometimes this may be what it takes that differentiates a mother from a GOOD mother.

    So he's used you, and he's abused your heart and your child. Do not wait for it to become worse. Despite how my heart goes to you, you learned your lesson, I hope. Go on in life, get an education in the next months, in anything possible, and build your life as an independent, educated woman, and raise your child to avoid such men in their life. Just consider that if he has abandoned you now, he has abandoned you forever, and it is his loss. He's going to waste his life, don't let him waste yours. You can do it!!!! Good luck, God bless, and all my love to you and your innocent child.

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