Card jumped out and got lost from first and brand new deck.

  • Hey guys! First post and looking for insight on this situation.
    I recently bought my first deck (which I didn’t know was a superstitious no-no until after I bought it) on Saturday. I picked out the Hermetic deck because I wanted something to grow into as I learned. The next night the Princess of Cups jumped out while I was gathering my cards and fell between the cracks in patio. I can’t tell if I’m being told to not pursue tarot or if I’m not ready for the deck. The card is being replaced, thankfully, and for free. Would you take this as a sign? How would you approach the situation?

  • @ursamajor ,
    Take it as a sign to not pull cards on your patio deck 😉

  • UrsaMajor,

    No worries, remember decks are tools for you to use. As you use them treat them well and they will become friends... time and lots of trying until that happens. Don't get spooked because you think it means something, just have fun and enjoy the ride.

  • Did you retrieve the card?

  • @ursamajor
    It is okay to buy first deck .. I brought my first Tarot deck 20+ years ago and it is no problem to buy own decks .. (there are some who think otherwise but you will find alot of readers buy their own first deck with no issue ) ...

    Accidents happen... we all drop cards ... ... just be aware of where you read your cards... where you shuffle the deck ...

    The Hermetic Tarot takes a lot of study to fully understand all the symbols but start off with the basic keywords and images .... if you find yourself loving the imagery and loving the symbols, you will find yourself working comfortably with this deck ...

    It is awesome that you will receive a replacement ... I never shuffle my cards on my patio because of the cracks and i don't want to have to wiggle underneath to get it .. lol

    Take care and enjoy the journey

  • Hello ...and welcome to the group. Hope we hear more from you. Anyway ...of course it is ok to buy your first deck. In fact, I have never heard anything about NOT buying your own. I would be interested in hearing about this saying. In fact, I buy ALL my decks. I did not know a "lost or missing" card could be replaced! Interesting. I will remember this. keep us posted to your "journey" moving forward with this reading feedback, feelings, questions, etc. We are friends here.

    At first, I was in a panic when you lost the card. Then I laughed because it seemed funny to me if "she" jumped and hid! Interesting ...maybe this deck is going to be quite the "talker" as you connect with it.

    Another thought: I think using your cards on the deck is ok ...I love to be outdoors too... why not lay down a cloth or plastic under the table on the floor but large enough around in case any more cards jump or fall or scatter.

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